Environmental, Safety and Health Assurance
Enviroment, safety & health management
Healthy workplace
Environmental, Safety and Health Policy

Enviroment, safety & health management

  Wafer works put as much emphasis and energy on environment as we do on Semi & Solar manufacturing technology with aggressive attitude. We value so much on the protection of environment to reduce any affection. And we also invest in pollution reduction facilities and assigning professional persons to get training for this purpose. By way of training and self-auditing, we persist in the responsibility of maintaining the environment and resources protection as well as the motif of guarantee in the safety and health of our employees. For dealing with all contingent cases of emergency, force majeure, environmental shock and operation risks, we endeavor to perform a detailed evaluation and reaction flow in all aspects. Wafer works commit to strictly follow international standards and we are certified with ISO14001 and ISO 45001.

Healthy workplace

  Wafer works promote the culture of healthy workplace in cultivating diverse healthy working practices and introducing non-smoking workplace to be entitled to self-authenticated label of healthy workplace.
  • Make arrangement to vaccinate our workers against flue ahead of the influenza season.
  • Deliver domestic epidemic information to workers and take related control measures.
  • Provide health consulting and sanitary information to employee on overseas errands as well as simple material for epidemic prevention.
  • Provide health guidance and measures to employees with non-normal health examination results.
  • Provide professional health lecture or other health promotion activities.
  • Process emergency and urgent handling of related issue.
  • To set into action the non-smoking workplace.

Environmental, Safety and Health Policy

  Wafer Works Corp. is a professional solution provider of Semiconductor materials company. To ensure a safe , healthy working environment and carry out the company’s social responsibility to protect ,  contribute and continuously improve our environment and safety, the company will execute the management system of ESH. In order to express the company’s full support to the goals of ESH and convey the correct message to all the company employees under the control of the organization and other related interests, we will:
1. Comply with all requirements of the Laws , regulations of ESH and other related directives
2. Devise technology to reduce environmental impact and resources consumption on the concept of sustainable development.
    3.Take continuous actions to reduce potential risks and prevent from occupational injury and illness.
4.Establish an effective communication and feedback channel with employees , customers , suppliers, contractors and other related interests to convey the company’s ESH policy , and related requirements