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Quality Commitment
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Continual Improvement

Quality Policy

Standard Operation Procedures shall be strictly followed to enhance Quality System implementation, pursue the outstanding quality, meet and exceed customer's current and future demands, and achieve total customer satisfaction.


We take great pride in the workmanship and consistency of all our products. We have provided the best wafers for our customers to manufacture the advanced devices/ICs in the global market. We continue to improve our employee's quality sense, quality system and implementation, workmanship, and consistency to make our product nothing but perfect.
At Wafer Works, there is nothing we take more seriously than the quality of our products. From managing raw materials, manufacturing processes, quality inspection, to delivering finished goods; strictest quality control is followed in every aspect of our business. Our SPC (Statistical Process Control) system monitors and manages every process in place and it is our continual goal to have a zero-excursion in all operational processes and zero-defect rate for all our products.
> Product Reliability
Process Table of Contents Equipment Used
Ingot Oi / ORG / Cs Concentration FTIR / GFA / SIMS
  Resistivity / RRG 4PP / ADE
  OISF / Slip Line / Swirl / EPD Nomarski OM / Spot Light
  Crystal and Flat Orientation X - Ray Diffractometer
Wafering Wafer flatness ( THK / TIR / STIR / TTV / BOW / WARP / FPD / SFPD ) ADE
  Edge Profile LEP810
  BSD Density TMS
  Poly / LTO Thickness Filmmeter F50
  Laser Mark Depth α - step
  Surface / Bulk Metal Measurement ICP - MS / SIMS
  Particle / LPD (Size: 0.06~0.5um) SP1 / CR / KLA - Tencor
  Lifetime / Diffusion Length / Fe SPV
  Lifetime / Diffusion Length µ - PCD
  Surface Roughness AFM
  Shelf Life Test SP1 / ICP - MS
  Dimple Magic Mirror
Epi Resistivity Hg - CV / 4PP / SRP
  Lifetime / Diffusion Length / Fe SPV
  Lifetime / Diffusion Length µ - PCD
  Surface / Bulk Metal Measurement ICP - MS
  Surface Defect / Slip Slip finder
> In-Line Monitoring
With over 60 production steps in our manufacturing process, it is imperative to have full visibility of our production line, to execute immediate corrective action when issues arise. We have standard operation procedures (SOP) in all processes of the business. This creates a paper-trail at every step in the process, so that all problems can be traced back to the source. Our technical equipment is monitored in real time, using computerized fault detection and diagnostics to signal any malfunction; this gives us great visibility and helps us pin-point the components that are responsible. The system also enables immediate correction and allows qualitative and quantitative evaluation of system reliability.

Continual Improvement

For the company For participating employees
  • Reduced labor turnover rate
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced production cost
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • More revenue and profits
  • Better work efficiency
  • Improved safety at the workplace
  • Enhanced personal skills
  • Greater knowledge
  • Improved work environment
  • Better attitudes and relationships between employees
At Wafer Works, we believe there is always room for improvement. It is Wafer Works’ corporate policy and goal to continually improve work efficiency and quality, reduce cost, maintain and improve safety practices and operate under a healthy work environment. Wafer Works regularly reviews and evaluates all operational processes for improvement purposes, and asks all employees to actively search for improvement to exceed customer's expectations.

Buleprint of quality system