Stakeholder Area
Wafer Works Corporation values the opinion and suggestion of all stakeholders, and interacts with the main stakeholders through diverse communication methods to collect and organize the opinion and suggestion.  The communication methods are as follows:
Interest Party
Communication Methods and Frequency
Key Concerned Issues
(1)   Annual customer satisfaction survey; quarterly or semi-annually business review meeting with customer (including service, delivery time, quality, continuous improvement plan and other related issues); implementation of customer audit and response to customer's requirement in questionnaire.
(2)   Attend meetings and seminars held by customers from time to time, and fill out feedback on environmental safety and health questionnaire
Technology R&D/Product Quality
Labor relationship
Waste water and waste
(1)   Constructed mandarin and English websites to instantly update company's business status.
(2)   Regularly publish monthly business income, decisions of BoD and various financial reports.
(3)   Follow related regulations to publish important information in Market Observation Post System.
(4)   Hold annual board of shareholders to announce the company business status.
(5)   Hold a legal person briefing, with the goal of at least once a year, and hold press conferences or release press releases irregularly.
(6)   Establish the spokesman system to respond investors' questions by telephone or emails.
(7)   Collect issues concerned by investors through questionnaires every year.
(8)   Communication Channels:
A. Spokesman:CHANG, HSIEN-YUAN;Deputy Spokesman:HSU, MING-CHU;Ext.:#8898.
B. Investor's e-mail:
Operational and Financial performance
Customer privacy
Waste water and waste
(1)   Labor-management conference: Labor-management meetings are held regularly every quarter, and labor and management representatives actively participate in discussions and consultations on matters relating to the adjustment of the company's overall labor conditions, system declarations, and reciprocity between employers and employees.
(2)   Chairman's Mailbox: Provides a direct channel for all employees to respond to company-related issues at any time to the top management, but opinion with names will only be responded.
(3)   Questionnaires.
(4)   Communication and appeal mechanism:
A.    Appeal of sexual harassment prevention:
B.    HR exclusive e-mail:
C.    WAFER WORKS Employee Web Portal: HR Div. contact e-mail
D.    HR extension number:# 8200、# 8211、# 8219、# 8218。
Innovation management
Economic performance
Sustainable development strategy
Employee Benefits and Compensation
Air pollutant management
Irregular education, training, communication meeting and questionnaires.
Customer privacy
Employee Benefits and Compensation
Use Chemicals
Supplier environmental assessment
Regular audit and questionnaires.
Waste water and waste
Community Residents
Occasional support for community resident events, questionnaires, phone or email correspondence, official documents (letters).
Waste water and waste
Government Organization
(1)   Maintain good interaction with the competent authorities and actively participate in regulatory public hearings, seminars, and project cooperation held by each authority.
(2)   Participate in external associations and provide timely advice on various issues.
(3)   Official document, Irregular workshops participation, project cooperation and authority questionnaire survey.
Waste water and waste
Social Group
Support activities or questionnaire survey irregularly.
Economic Performance
Labor Relations
(1)   Hold a legal person briefing, with the goal of at least once a year, and hold press conferences or release press releases irregularly.
(2)   Proactively issue press releases in response to major events.
(3)   Collect the issues concerned by media through questionnaire survey every year.
Economic Performance
Labor Relations
Other (certification companies, verification companies, academic organizations and other cooperative partners)
Implement verifications (audit) operation regularly every year; irregularly attend workshops or communicate via questionnaire survey.
Labor Relations
Economic Performance
Customer health and safety
Customer privacy
To contact and communicate with spokespersons, the company has a spokesperson and a deputy spokesperson as external communication channels, and the specific persons to handle the “contact us” area in the company’s website.
During the past years, spokespersons also contact the company through business contact departments such as operation, human resources, purchasing, finance and other departments to reach the smooth promotion.
If there is any related questions and suggestions from the investors, customers and staff, please contact us.  The company will communicate wholeheartedly.
Information of stakeholder communication
Spokesperson: CHANG,HSIEN-YUAN 
Deputy-spokesperson: HSU MING-CHE
Contact phone: 886-3-4815001
Investor mailbox:
CSR mailbox:
Report e-mail:
Website of the interested party zone: csr?c=165
Except the above stakeholder communication channel, there is also a “contact us” area on the right of the company’s homepage.