Social Concern
Wafer Works holds the ideals of giving back to society, co-existing with community and sustainable operation in participating public benefit activities, protecting environment, giving back to neighborhood and supporting talent cultivation and actively devote ourselves on the road of fulfilling corporate social responsibility.
Promote invoices and changes donations:
​“Small change & invoice, great value”, it represents unlimited hope, let us accumulate all the hopes, and promote the development of better social welfare services. We collected invoices and change and donated a total of 543 invoices and NT$3,370 to the Taochu Group of the Eden Foundation North District Resource Center and a total of 48 boxes of hand sanitizer to the New Miao Correctional Institution in Miaoli County.
Sponor community activities:
In order to establish a good relationship with the community, Wafer Works has taken the initiative to participate in community activities to enhance the interaction between neighbors, such as sponsoring a total of $38,000 for activities in Badri and Ruipingli, and sponsoring 10 quilts for Ruipingli's winter warmth campaign to support community activities and convey the concept of caring for neighbors
Organize blood donation activities:
Wafer Works regularly holds blood donation events with the enthusiasm of "Wafer Works rolls up its sleeves and donates blood ". On November 9, 2020, we called on all Wafer Works employees to donate one bag of blood for a total of 16,500 CC.

Massage service activities for the visually impaired:
On August 28, 2020, we co-organized a massage service for the visually impaired with the Taoyuan City Government. A total of 85 employees participated in the event, providing visually impaired employees with the opportunity to work and also to reduce stress and relieve pressure, killing two birds with one stone.
Caring for the elementary schools in remote areas:
On July 23, 2020, we visited Garden Elementary School to accompany the children in their schoolwork, games, life and listening to their problems, giving them care and encouragement. And on September 28, 2020, we donate a total of 40 boxes of Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes to all students and teachers.
Caring for the elderly living alone in the neighborhood:
There are many elders in Badri, Longtan District, who have difficulty getting around and whose children are away for work and cannot provide meals at noon. In order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we provide 10 lunch boxes every Monday to Friday starting from December 2019.
Tree planting activities:
We planted trees to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, to slow down climate change. We do our part for the environment, and create an overall environment for the company. 13 directors participated in the event.
Street sweeping activities:
In order to give back to the community, we hope that through physical actions, we held neighborhood street sweeping activities on November 14, 2020 and November 20, 2020 in Ruipingli and Badri to motivate the entire neighborhood and colleagues to work together to maintain a clean environment, cherish the earth's resources, and do our part for a clean and beautiful community.
Environmental beach cleaning activities:
With the core concept of "beach & soul purification", we do our part for the earth and also "purify" the soul through the process of "beach purification". We held three events on September 20, 2020, September 27, 2020, and October 25, 2020, and invited a total of 303 colleagues and family members to participate, while promoting the emotions of the Wafer Works family and fulfilling our social responsibility.
Talents Cultivation
Setting "semiconductor talent cultivation" as our purport, Wafer Works not only constantly endeavors in the development and capability expansion of internal and external talents, but further walks into campuses to fulfill our responsibility in cultivating semiconductor talent seeds. We had carried out various academia-industrial cooperative activities in 2020. For the "semiconductor seed" project, many academia-industrial and internship programs are held with 3 schools, which are National Central University, Chung Yuan Christian University, National Taipei University of Technology joined the program. Cultivating semiconductor talent as early as the phase of school enables students of learning semiconductor related knowledge and technology deeply in schooling period and intensively link to the follow-up occupational talent development. We actively do job-matching and deepen the cultivation of semiconductor technology talents to fulfill corporate social responsibility.
To cultivate good technology talents and provide learning channels for talents, Wafer Works participates in the research and development alternative military service to develop professional/dedicated research and development manpower. We value the study and application of basic science to accumulate research and development experience.