Social Concern
Wafer Works holds the ideals of giving back to society, co-existing with community and sustainable operation in participating public benefit activities, protecting environment, giving back to neighborhood and supporting talent cultivation and actively devote ourselves on the road of fulfilling corporate social responsibility.
Community Activity Participation
In order to show our gratitude for staff's efforts and increase their sentiments with families, a family day was held in Weichuan Ranch in Yangmei on Jul 9th 2016 for the relief of physical and mental stress of colleagues after work. Families of staff had been invited for the friendship of big family of Wafer Works Corporation. Meanwhile, the friendship with natural environment in local had increased as well.
  • Sponsor community activities:
In order to build well relationship with communities, Wafer Works Corporation adheres to philosophy of good-neighborliness and proactively participates in community activities to improve interaction with neighbors. For example, the company sponsored activities of Mid-Autumn Festival and Chung Yeung Festival held by Rui-Tang & Rui-Ping Community Development Association, Moonlight Party of Mid-Autumn Festival in Rui-Ping Village, and expenditures of activities for Mid-Autumn Festival in Bade Village. The company supports community activities and involves itself in actions to preserve neighboring environment to express the idea of caring for neighborhood.
  • Participation in environmental cleaning activity held by SIPA:
In May 2016 the company participated in the environmental cleaning activity named "Everyone Comes & Cleans Our Homes" held by SIPA and stayed with community by doing our part in cleaning our homes.
Public Benefit Activities Participation
  • Gathering of charity goods and materials:
The goods we gathered including caps and vegetable seeds. It was just the time of summer vacation. Kinds were guided to plant vegetables. We also gathered stationery appliances and wide adhesive tapes. Lovely kids in Kangfu-Lohas Preschool may need some goods and materials. Let us join the charity and bring happiness for the childhood of every kid.
  • In response of invoice donates:
In Taiwan, population of the disabled have exceeded 1,100,000. The major income are mostly subsidies or allowances from government. A mere invoice represents infinite hope for the disabled and their families. Let us accumulate all hopes for more disabled persons to obtain more comprehensive social welfare services. (Source of data:Eden Foundation) We gathered and donated invoices dated in May-Jun, Jul-Aug, Sep-Oct in 2016 to Taoyuan-Hsinchu Section at Northern Resource Center of Eden Foundation.
  • Massage activity was held:
The company supported love and charity activity by holding an event named "Massage for hundreds people". Meanwhile, massage services for stress relief were provided to colleagues. Exhaustion could be mitigated after hard work.
  • Blood donation activity was held:
Wafer Works Corporation had the enthusiasm of "Roll up sleeve and give blood today" thus regular blood donation activities have been held. On Jul 6th 2017, another event of blood donation was held to convene every employee of Wafer Works Corporation to give one bag of blood one-after-one for the enthusiastic charity event.
Talents Cultivation
Setting "semiconductor talent cultivation" as our purport, Wafer Works not only constantly endeavors in the development and capability expansion of internal and external talents, but further walks into campuses to fulfill our responsibility in cultivating semiconductor talent seeds. We had carried out various academia-industrial cooperative activities in 2015.
For the "semiconductor seed" project, many academia-industrial and internship programs are held with five schools, which are NCU, CYCU, NTUT, Hakata Industrial School and Niigata Industrial School, to start cultivating semiconductor talent seeds as early as the phase of school, which enables students of learning semiconductor related knowledge and technology deeply in schooling period and intensively link to the follow-up occupational talent development. We actively do job-matching and deepen the cultivation of semiconductor technology talents to fulfill corporate social responsibility.
To cultivate good technology talents and provide learning channels for talents, Wafer Works participates in the research and development alternative military service to develop professional/dedicated research and development manpower. We value the study and application of basic science to accumulate research and development experience.
Wafer Works Corporation utilized the cutting-edge silicon substrate on semicon components for IoT application, and executed A+ Industrial Innovation R&D Program of MOEA. Thus R&D team has started since 2015 to comprehensively visited the expertise and professors at school who have profound experiences in industry and academic fields. Professor Li Tian Hsi of NCU was one of the scholars with both academics and practices, and he was also a scholar and expert we knew through the referral by CTO, Dr. Li Tien Hsi many years ago.
In May 2016, Professor Li Tien Hsi led 10 graduate students who were in the classes of silicon materials at NCU to visit Wafer Works Corporation for them to witness the actual production methods in this industry including process flow from nucleation to final polishing. Meanwhile, technical personnel had discussed with the students to prove the knowledge given by class. We're convinced the students had initial understanding about application of knowledge from book to industrial production before stepping into their career paths after graduation.