Social Concern
Wafer Works holds the ideals of giving back to society, co-existing with community and sustainable operation in participating public benefit activities, protecting environment, giving back to neighborhood and supporting talent cultivation and actively devote ourselves on the road of fulfilling corporate social responsibility.
  • Promote invoices and changes donations:
“Small change & invoice, great value”, it represents unlimited hope, let us accumulate all the hopes, and promote the development of better social welfare services. We raised invoices, change, and donated the Taoyuan and Hsinchu Group of the Eden Foundation North District Resource Center.
  • Sponsor community activities:
In order to establish a good relationship with the community, Wafer Works adheres to the concept of good neighbors and actively participates in community activities to enhance the interaction between neighbors, such as Apple Village Community Management Committee, Badri, Ruipingli, Ruitang Community and other activities to support the community activities, conveying the concept of caring for the neighborhood.
  • blood donation activity:
Wafer Works regularly organizes blood donation activities with the enthusiasm. It was held in January and August of 2018. It called for all the colleagues to donate a bag of blood, and to be enthusiastic about public welfare and blood donation. Responding to charity activities, this blood donation campaign raised a total of 109 bags of blood.
  • Visually Impaired Massage:
To increase employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups, Wafer Works was invited by Taoyuan City Labor Bureau to jointly organize visually impaired massage services. It also relieved employees' work pressure and improved work efficiency. A total of 90 employees participated in the experience and showed up to 98% satisfaction.
  • Participation in environmental cleaning activity held by SIPA:
In May 2018 the company participated in the environmental cleaning activity named "Everyone Comes & Cleans Our Homes" held by SIPA and stayed with community by doing our part in cleaning our homes. (5 colleagues from WWX participated in this activities)
  • Talents Cultivation
Setting "semiconductor talent cultivation" as our purport, Wafer Works not only constantly endeavors in the development and capability expansion of internal and external talents, but further walks into campuses to fulfill our responsibility in cultivating semiconductor talent seeds. We had carried out various academia-industrial cooperative activities in 2018.
For the "semiconductor seed" project, many academia-industrial and internship programs are held with SIX schools, which are NCU, CYCU, Hiroyuki Industrial High School in Fukuoka, Japan, Muchao High School, Guangqi High School, Fan Shu Vocational High School joined the program. Applicants who perform well in the work and meet the requirements of scholarships can apply for tuition and fees.
to start cultivating semiconductor talent seeds as early as the phase of school, which enables students of learning semiconductor related knowledge and technology deeply in schooling period and intensively link to the follow-up occupational talent development. We actively do job-matching and deepen the cultivation of semiconductor technology talents to fulfill corporate social responsibility.
To cultivate good technology talents and provide learning channels for talents, Wafer Works participates in the research and development alternative military service to develop professional/dedicated research and development manpower. We value the study and application of basic science to accumulate research and development experience.