ESG Sustainability Policy
                    Wafer Works Corp.
ESG Sustainability Policy
Apart from meeting customers’ requirements, in the 21st century, Sustainable Development is essential to Wafer Works, which has strong faith in becoming a customer-oriented world-class semiconductor material supplier.
To achieve the goals of sustainable development, all enterprises will have to carry out Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), namely their commitments to creating a high-quality life together with employees, their families and the society while pursuing economic growth.
WAFER WORKS's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is as follows:
  1. To Implement corporate governance, enhance information transparency, adhere to the rule of law, attach importance to ethics, and protect the rights and interests of stakeholders.

  2. To prohibit the employment of child labor, forced labor and conflict minerals, creating win-win partnership with suppliers.

  3. To make efforts on environmental protection and energy conservation, comply with environmental law, working safety regulations and energy policies, and create a safe and comfortable working environment.

  4. To Continuously pay extra care to employees and social concerns, uphold respect for colleagues, love sharing and giving back to society, and fulfill civil responsibility.