Chairman's Talk
Despite that price of silicon wafer kept declining last year and overall environment was not ideal due to global recession of economic growth, Wafer Works Corporation exhibited a growth in difficulty position. The company not only broke through capacities, technologies, and strategic deployment but also made certain progress in implementation of social responsibility. Hereby we share with everyone the important vision, practices, and outcomes of Wafer Works Corporation.
In 2016 Wafer Works Corporation achieved a record-breaking monthly output of million pieces and pulled out the first 12-inch silicon ingot. By end of 2016, the company introduced strategic funds in preparation for the construction of an 8-inch factory in Zhengzhou. In the aspect of corporate governing, 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report of Wafer Works Corporation passed the inspections of SGS-Taiwan and the contents were proved conforming to the requirements of core optional regulations of GRI-G4 and category 1 medium guarantee level of AA1000. Meanwhile, the company ranked top 20% among all listing and OTC companies in the 2nd "Corporate Governing Evaluation" that indicated the spirits of pursuing sustainability and sustainable improvement have rooted in Wafer Works Corporation and were recognized.
Look into the future. Along with the ultimate demands out of smart phone applications of memories, fingerprint identification...etc. and automotive electronics, plus China strives to develop semiconductor industry by building plentiful wafer FABs, strong demands of silicon wafers were driven. The market also predicted a significant growth of semiconductor for 7.2% in 2017. Confronting the opportunities of upturn of global silicon wafer industry and the blooming of semicon markets in China, Wafer Works Corporation shall proactively elevate capacities and shipments. R&D and massive production of 12-inch silicon wafer shall speed up. Strategic cooperation with customer shall be reinforced. Application of semiconductor in fields of silicon wafer products shall be expanded.  Hopefully Wafer Works can become first tier silicon wafer supplier for semicon in the world.
Besides the pursuit of business performance, Wafer Works Corporation doesn't forget to care for staff, community, and environment. Factory of Wafer Works Corporation in Longtan were green ones constructed in most environmental friendly methods. It is a green production base created for life, production, and ecology. Vision of environmental protection and green enterprise was consolidated. In the future, factory in Zhengzhou shall be built according to the highest green standards. Every year the company sets up environmental goals of energy-saving, resource saving, and decrements...etc. Greenhouse gases emissions have always been checked. The company also proactively participates in community activities, and promotes staff-care activities and courses of lectures. A Healthful Workplace Certificate issued by Taoyuan City Government was awarded. We shall blend into the caring and co-prosperous community environment by practically consolidating the mobility of social responsibility of enterprise.