Chairman's Talk
The Semi-conductors industry was awakening last year. Silicon Wafer shipment hits record high as well as rebounds in price. Wafer Works Corp. masters the growth opportunity, which not only makes a breakthrough in the aspects of capability, technology and strategy, but constantly moves a step forward in the corporate social responsibility.
The year of 2017 is the 20-year anniversary of Wafer Works Corp. In the past of 20 years, we upheld to put the effort into the customers, employees, environment, society, etc. and transformed the risk and opportunities of sustainable development into the motivation and competition of actual growth. Last year, Wafer Works Corp. not only makes a new milestone in the increase of productive capacity like establish a new factory in Zhengzhou as planned, and its revenue and profit of new factory has risen in every season. Moreover, the 8-inch lightly doping product we developed for many years has as well as recognized by the international leading company and gives standing orders. We insist on our original intention, which is proceeding steadily and step by step and constantly bring forth new ideas with the customer, since was founded.
Wafer Works Corp. is devote itself to become a good corporate citizen so we constantly strengthen the promise of corporate social responsibility, put the idea of sustainable management into our corporate culture and operation goal, implement the energy conservation and environmental protection and green manufacturing and bring along the continuous progression by the innovation. Under the effort of all employees, even though our production is rise 9.87% compare with last year and launch new products with complex process, the electricity consumption and water consumption of unit product decrease 8.73% and 3.41% respectively. Other than the green production, the employees as well as implement the waste recycling and energy conservation and environmental protection in their lifestyles. In terms of social care, Wafer Works Corp. takes in action and effectively combines the power of employees and corporate resources to make contribution to the society. Apart from providing the resources and cares to the vulnerable groups, the company also encourages the employees to participate in the blood donation, street cleaning and social and community activities, etc.
The growth motivation of Wafer Works Corp. is the cooperation of industrial environment and society. We look into the future and will continue to put our effort in the industry, promote high-end silicon wafer technology and expand the market shares. Meanwhil, we insist on having partnership with all the stakeholders and expect to coordinate with them based on such relationship and make a good use of our resources to co-create the values with environment and society and finally achieve a better sustainable future.