Chairman's Talk
Last year, the terminal market of semiconductor developed rapidly, bringing growth of wafer in both volume and total revenue both grew compared with the previous year. The performance of Wafer Works Corporation was also better than expected. Not only did it improve in production capacity, technology development and operating results, but also in corporate social responsibility, echoing the expectations of stakeholders. 2018 is the 21st anniversary of Wafer Works, and the beginning of the next 2 decades. Wafer Works will continue to work hard for “customers, shareholders, employees, environment, and society” and transform the risks and opportunities of sustainable development into the motivation of growth and competitiveness. Last year, the production capacity of Longtan 8-inch Plant reached 300,000 pieces, and Zhengzhou 8-inch Plant officially started operation in late October, making the overall monthly capacity to 1 million pieces. It was a milestone for the company, bringing rise in revenue and profit every season with an annual revenue of NTD9.21 billion. The long-term research and development of SOI is also on schedule. Wafer Works will continue to integrate new technologies and new market trends to bring innovative opportunities to the company, while insisting on the principle of “stable relationship and innovative cooperation with customer” and to continue to care for the society and environmental protection, and drive new business opportunities for Wafer Works.
Wafer Works is committed to becoming a good corporate citizen by continuously strengthening corporate social responsibility, integrating the concept of sustainable management into corporate culture and operational objectives, promoting environmental protection and energy conservation, and implementing green manufacturing to drive continuous improvement through innovation. The company is dedicated to the environmental sustainability, to promote green plant, green manufacturing and green supply chain, to develop water management and carbon management every year, to pursue the best use of energy and resources, and to actively invest in waste reduction and pollution prevention through recycling and reuse. The traditional clean-up and disposal are transformed into the concept of effective management of resources for the implementation of sustainable production. Waste recycling, environmental protection and energy conservation are also implemented in the daily life of employees to reduce the impact of the production and products to the environment. Regarding social care, Wafer Works effectively combines the company's resources with the spontaneous love and charity of the colleagues to support the interaction between employees and the society and find more practical ways to fulfill love and feedback to the society by continuously providing resources and care for the disadvantaged groups. In addition, the company also encourages employees to participate in blood donation, street cleaning, and various social and community activities.
Wafer Works growth momentum comes from the cooperation between the industrial environment and the society. In the future, we look forward to strengthen our own advantages and actively continue to develop the orders for 8-inch ultra-low resistance wafers and 12-inch low-resistance wafer technology to offer more advanced and energy-saving semiconductor materials, become a world-class leader in specialized products (low resistance and heavy doping), expand market share and create greater performance. At the same time, we hope that we can work together with all partners stakeholders to make influence, create value for the environment and society, and achieve a more sustainable future.