Employee Care
Safe and Healthy Workplace
Employees are important assets of the company. Wafer Works promises to provide a safe, comfortable and healthy working environment by assessing the risk of employees' work environment, identifying risk sources and implement appropriate countermeasures. At the same time, emergency drills and training courses are held every year, including emergency instructions, equipment wearing and use, response drills, etc., for colleagues to understand the response procedure and handling methods in case of an abnormal situation, and then to reduce the harm and loss incurred therefrom.
Occupational Safety and Health
Each year, emergency response drills and training courses are arranged, including: response requirements, equipment wear and use, and drills, so that employees can understand the contingency procedures and disposal methods when abnormal conditions occur, thereby reducing the damage and loss caused by abnormal conditions.
There is no labor union in Wafer Works but with site safety and health committee that regularly holds meeting for safety and health related issue discussion every quarter. The labor representatives are elected or assigned according to the law to provide an official channel of a face-to-face communication of safety and health issues between managers and employees as well as sharing health and safety management experience outwards.
Statistical Analysis of Disability Injury
The Wafer Works' occupational accident statistical analysis refers to the important disability injury statistical indexes announced by ministry of labor and choose disability injury frequency (FR), disability injury severance ratio (SR) as the main statistical basis (off-site transportation accident is excluded from the statistic result).
Wafer Works had occurred one injury and near misses in 2018, which didn't meet the standard for report. In 2018, Wafer Works suffered an injury event (fall). According to the incident investigation management procedure, the incident occurrence unit and related units conducted investigations on the cause and applied corrective and preventive measures.

Healthy Workplace

Healthy Workplace Promotion
Wafer Works Corporation carries on health promotion scheme at workplace. In 2018, we conducted including: screening of 4 kinds of cancers, blood donation activities, preventive health care services (vaccine for prevention of carcinoma of uterine cervix, and injections of vaccines for prevention of influenza) were conducted.
For high-risk work environment related health issues, inside the factory such as: human factors engineering hazard prevention, abnormal workload, ionizing radiation, noise and arsenic workplaces, the operators working therein shall take special physical examination and concurrently be provided with appropriate protective gears and via regular tracking to ensure the health of the operators.
Employee Career Development

Employee Recruitment

Wafer Works recruits talents from various fields based on the operating strategies and conditions through various channels, of which the local hiring is of top priority, with compliance of salary related laws. The recruiting channels include human resource banks, recruiting in army, employment expo activities, position matching at employment service stations, application of alternative military service, etc.
The basic staff recruiting of Wafer Works complies with local regulations regarding salary and payment. Intensive screening and fair salary definition are done before hiring. No differential treatment for all applicants regarding their residing area, gender, age, etc.
Wafer Works has no union established. All employees will be informed of any major operation change that may affect them according to the Labor Standards Law, also the labor-management meeting is held quarterly to ensure the rights of employees. The management representatives of LongTan and YanMei factories are the same 6 people, while the labor representatives of LongTan factory are 6 and YangMei factory is 6, the representatives of both management and labor side are 18 people in total.
All staffs of Wafer Works are officially employed including senior managers above director level. The total employee number is 1092 in 2018, among which there are 411 staffs in YangMei factory (including 103 foreign employees) and 681 staffs in LongTan factory (including 160 foreign employees). There is no significant change in the number of employees. The ratio of employing Taiwanese as senior managers in Wafer Works is 100%.
Equality Treatment to All Employees
In compliance with regulations, and in line with gender equality and ethnic harmony, all employment positions will not discriminate based on applicant gender, nationality and ethnicity. As long as job seekers possess the ability and have confidence, all applicants shall engage in fair competition. There will be no differences in terms of work, promotion or employee training.
Competitive Salary and Benefits
Wafer Works place a strong emphasis on the salaries, welfare and benefits of the employees. Every year, the market and regional salary standards are measured through various means to make appropriate adjustments in the salaries of our employees so as to ensure competitive salary and the attraction of talents.
Salary measurement standards are determined based on academic qualifications, work experience, professional knowledge or skills. The salary will not be affected by gender, ethnicity, political stand, marital status, age or religious beliefs.
Humanistic Female Space
Wafer Works plants are equipped with nursery rooms with independent access. These rooms are solely dedicated for breastfeeding.
Conditions of Working after Maternity Leave
At Wafer Works, our employees showed higher rates of reinstatement after maternity leave, which is a sufficient display of our friendly workplace environment.

Staff Training, Organizational Learning and Development

Employees are the most important assets of Wafer Works, while education and training are important measures to upgrade, mature and strengthen the assets. Assist competency management and career developmeent planning and promote employees to actively participate and learn for increasing work performance as well as elevating professional knowledge and technical capability are one of Wafer Works' important goals. Wafer Works holds training courses of professional knowledge and skill and production technology for each department, to cultivate employees with professional capability, to promote employees to actively participate and learn for increasing work performance as well as elevating professional knowledge and technical capability. We also encourage staff to do self-training and to realize lifelong learning by offering diversified learning opportunities for building complete career structures, while combine the e-Learning platform for retraining and learning in order to comply the policy of labor quality promotion. We also recommend and assist the employees to take occupational trainings provided by government for building a second specialty.
  1. According to different stages of employees, different training topics and policies are implemented, by which we expect to improve the quality of personnel via education and training.
  2. Define annual education and training targets based on the company's operating goals every year. According to the education and training requirement of 2018, creating a training structure of professional techniques is the key point of employees' competency training of this year.
  3. We value the professional training of employees; through professional training program to establish multi-disciplinary of employees.
  4. Emphasis on quality management, through 6 Sigma courses, we train employees' ability to systematically analyze, solve problems, and develop leading ability, making it easier for decision makers to identify and invest resources in potential and valuable projects, and to reduce the cost and friction of communication caused by different inter-departmental goals. Thus, make the organization move towards data orientation and improve the quality of decision-making in the management level. In turn, improve the overall product and process quality, increase the company's industrial competitiveness, reduce operating costs and increase profits.
  5. To strengthen international outlook, we organize the "TOEIC +100" course and design a 30-minute learning course, and use the English Daren Lecture to teach exclusive learning methods, cultivate employees' self-learning ability in English and create a corporate learning atmosphere.
  6. In order to fully implement educations and trainings, they are clearly defined as one of the KPIs of each department. According to the development of each department, a clear amount of training hours to be held is defined and listed as a KPI. HR department will monthly analyze and announce the actual training status.
  7. Performance Management and Career Planning
Wafer Works implement the performance management through an open performance appraisal system, which is applicable to all official employees of Wafer Works and is not subjected to gender and age. The purpose of such system is not only to strengthen the consensus of job objectives between staff and managers, but to understand the difference in the expectations and mission accomplishments between employees and managers via performance interview. We emphasize the mechanism of "Employee development is main and performance appraisal is complementary" via such system, and hope to cultivate and develop employees' personal ability and further improve the company's competitiveness and overall organization performance. In order to make personal and company development supplement each other, all employees are required to define personal learning development plans in November every year in accord with departmental development objectives of next year. Objectives and job functions are clearly written in personal annual review records according to personal career development perspectives. At the year-end review, the objectives, work content and learning programs defined in the beginning of the year are confirmed their execution performance. HR division plays a key role in the implementation of educational trainings and assists employees (including newcomers and transferred) in the elevation of professional knowledge and skills. The training plan of next year is defined via the annual training survey and planning at the end of each year and with the deployment of the training courses, the employees' professional technical ability is hereby enhanced.
Employee Benefits
Wafer Works has always upheld the belief that employees are the most important asset of the company, and has planned a diversity of benefits to attract and retain talented employees.
‧3-day annual leave is given for newcomers more than 6 months in accordance with the regulations
‧Stock option (by cash capital increase)
‧Mid-year bonus (Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival) / Year-end bonus
‧Gift certificates for Labor's day/Dragon Boat Festival/ Mid-Autumn Festival/Birthday
‧Employee's infirmary
‧Meal subsidy
‧Club subsidy
‧Staff dormitory and the accommodation subsidy
‧Marriage, funeral and maternity benefits
‧Employee health check (superior to the laws and regulations)                              
‧Employee travel or subsidies                                               
‧Year-end party
‧Free employees group insurance (life insurance, injury insurance, accidental insurance, medical insurance, hospitalization, cancer insurance, occupational disaster)/insurance expense discount for family dependents.
In accordance with the law, on the day of reporting for duty, employees are insured labor and heal insurance. In addition, the company also provide group insurance for all employees as well as travel and overseas business trip insurance. Weekly insurance company's on-site service is arranged to provide related consulting services for all staff.
Foreign employees enjoy 3 holiday vouchers, meal subsidies, community subsidies, wedding and funeral and childbirth allowances, employee travel, staff accommodation, health checkups, employee group insurance, and commuting to and from work.
We also have:
‧Staff Cafeteria
‧Staff leisure and fitness center
‧Welfare association
‧Basketball court
‧Tennis court
For staff to relax body and mind when off-work.
Parental Leave
We offer parental leave according to the regulations of the gender equality law and the labor standards law. Employees that are eligible, i.e. have been working over 6 months and with kids under the age of three, can apply for parental leave w/o pay along with our service of applying for parental subsidy from Labor Insurance Bureau on their behalf. During the parental leave period, the company affords the expense of labor and health insurance, retain their positions and contract with temporary worker for covering their works until their return after leaves without arbitrary adjustment or lay-off. We provide options to advance or postpone reinstatement which let the staff with the need of parental leaves to be free of worries.
Pension Scheme
The pension scheme of Wafer Works follows the related laws and regulations as well as our retirement rules. Employees reported for duty on and before 2005/6/30 can choose either the new or old pension scheme at their own will, while for employees reported for duty on and after 2005/7/1 are mandatory to follow the new pension scheme according to the "Labor Pension Provisions".
The new regulation requires 6% levy, and the old system pension is paid in full.