Employee Care
Safe and Healthy Workplace
 Employees are important assets of the Company, and Wafer Works promises to provide a safe, comfortable and healthy working environment, conduct risk assessment on employees’ working environment, and conduct working environment inspection every six months to identify risk sources and take corresponding appropriate measures.

In order to achieve the goal of zero disaster, Wafer Works draws up an annual occupational safety and health management plan every year, formulates a detailed implementation plan, implements it according to the schedule and contents of the plan, and tracks and reviews the implementation results in the occupational safety and health committee. By executing, auditing, reviewing, revising plans, etc., Wafer Works will continue to control and manage the hazard risks of public institutions by means of PDCA, thus reducing the ultimate goal of disaster occurrence.

Continue to CPR+AED teaching training with partner manufacturers, and provide employees with relevant first aid knowledge and practical drills.

In response to the trend of three highs in employee health checkups, we have conducted nutrition courses and established a walking club to help employees relieve stress after work and conducted several walking events for employees and their families to participate in to enhance their sense of belonging.

Occupational Safety and Health
Emergency response drills and training courses are scheduled every year, including: response instructions, equipment wear and use, and response drills, etc., so that employees can understand the response procedures and handling methods in case of abnormal conditions, and thus reduce the possible hazards and losses caused by abnormal conditions. In accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Law, when there is an immediate danger in the workplace, the employer or the person in charge of the workplace shall order to stop the work and evacuate the workers to a safe place.When a worker performs his or her duties and finds that there is an immediate danger, he or she must stop work and retreat to a safe place without endangering the safety of other workers, and report immediately to his or her immediate supervisor. The Company will not dismiss, transfer, or withhold wages during the period of suspension or impose other unfavorable penalties on the foregoing workers.
The Occupational Safety and Health Management System ISO 45001:2018 of our YangMei Factory and LongTan Factory covers employees, contractors, suppliers, visitors, etc. It includes the activities of the above-mentioned people and the scope of the workplace, and according to ISO 45001, for workers who are not employees but whose work and/or workplace is under the control of the organization, the Company follows relevant management procedures to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for the relevant contractors, suppliers and other workers at each plant.
Note: The number of qualified contractor personnel in 2020 is about 564, accounting for about 30% of the number of employees in the Wafer Works.
New employees are given a 3~6 hours education and training course on hazardous materials and hazards on their first day of work.
We provide on-the-job education and training on labor safety and health for all employees every year to strengthen their awareness of occupational safety and health, and provide resources for external education and training for employees on courses that require regular statutory return training for relevant technical licenses.
On-the-job education and training on labor safety and health are conducted annually for all employees to strengthen their awareness of occupational safety and health.
Every year, the building and fire-fighting equipment management system is overhauled and reported to the competent authorities for inspection to protect the lives of our employees.
For chemical management, the plant follows the requirements of the GHS Global Harmonization System for Chemicals and is in line with international regulations and meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. If employees, customers, contractors and other stakeholders request a material safety information sheet, it will be provided in accordance with the law. Regular organizational meetings are held for other workers in the plant to coordinate and liaise with each other.
Wafer Works has not established a labor union and has a plant occupational safety and health committee that meets regularly every quarter to discuss safety and health related matters such as: environmental safety and health policy, safety and health management plan, education and training implementation plan, automatic inspection and safety and health audit, work environment monitoring plan, safety and health proposal improvement, prevention measures for various machinery and equipment and raw material related hazards, health management, occupational disease prevention, health promotion, occupational disaster investigation report, assessment of site safety and health management performance, contract management and other occupational safety and health management matters. In addition, labor representatives are elected according to the law to provide a formal channel for face-to-face communication between managers and employees on safety and health issues and to share safety and health management experience with the public, and to encourage employees to enthusiastically propose improvements.
Statistical Analysis of Disability Injury
In 2020, Wafer Works had three injury incidents. In accordance with the incident investigation management procedures, the cause of the incidents is investigated and corrective and preventive measures are implemented by the incident unit and related units according to the type and level of injury.

Healthy Workplace

Healthy Workplace Promotion
Wafer Works is striving to implement workplace health and provide a variety of health care solutions and implement the three-stage and five-level preventive medicine concept, so that employees can use their company resources to reduce physical and psychological stress, and thus strengthen personal health. Monthly medical visit, nursing staff provide basic care, health check-up and tracking, gym facilities, visually impaired massage, blood donation activities, flu shot injection, etc.
To ensure the health of each employee, we actively and continuously implement: (1) promote maternal protection, (2) repetitive work and other musculoskeletal diseases, (3) abnormal workload that promote disease, (4) new employees physical examination, (5) annual health checkup, (6) abnormalities such as family inheritance disease, one-on-one interviews by nurses and resident physicians in a case-by-case manner, comprehensive assessment of case work content, life routine factors such as exercise habits, family medical history, etc., if necessary, work with the supervisor and the work room of the unit to conduct work safety observations on the work environment, and provide adjustments that can be implemented or improved to ensure the health of the employees.
In order to improve employees' health management awareness, Wafer Works is conducive to the early detection of preventive concepts of physical abnormalities to reduce the risk of disease. Therefore, in promoting health, the following activities are promoted in the plant by cooperation with health authorities: blood donation activities, visually impaired massage, preventive health care service (flu shot injection), cancer screening.
Employee Career Development

Employee Recruitment

In accordance with the company's operational strategy and annual human resources goals, Wafer Works conducts salary and diverse and inclusive appointments in accordance with local laws and regulations, cooperates with local government human resources measures, gives priority to local residents and other measures, and recruits talents from all walks of life through various channels, such as: human resources banks, campus recruitment, industry-academia cooperation, R&D alternative service, job expos, job matching at service stations, etc. To promote the use of industry-academia human resources, strengthen the company's R & D management capabilities, and also revitalize the professional and technical development space of doctoral talents in the academic field, creating the effectiveness of high-level personnel training.
(1) In cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), we promote the Doctoral-level industrial training elite training and Employment Counseling Program (RAISE Program) to promote Ph.D.s and assist them in on-the-job practical training in semiconductors.
(2) Through the Ministry of the Interior's research and development alternative service training program, high-quality research and development personnel training was promoted.
(3)Cooperate with the Taoyuan City Government to promote the "Taoyuan City Youth Security Payroll" program.
Before hiring employees, we will go through a rigorous screening process and fair salary verification conditions, and will not treat different applicants differently because of their region, gender, age, or race. At the same time, we employ physically and mentally challenged employees to encourage socially disadvantaged groups to contribute to the workplace. The company provides appropriate work assistance such as arranging for regular interpretation and care by sign language teachers to ensure that physically and mentally challenged people work at Wafer Works with peace of mind; Wafer Works provides a quality work environment and competitive benefits. Our non-executive salaries are disclosed in the Public Information Observatory in accordance with regulations. (https://mops.twse.com.tw/mops/web/t100sb15 ).
Since the establishment of our company, labor-management relations have been harmonious and cordial, and the rights and obligations of both labor and management are handled in accordance with our work rules and the regulations on the implementation of labor-management meetings, and labor-management meetings are held regularly on a quarterly basis to ensure the rights and interests of employees. In 2020, four labor-management meetings were held to communicate and discuss major labor issues and the annual model labor election, and 15 model laborers were selected in 2020. There are 6 labor representatives from LongTan Factory and YangMei Factory, 6 labor representatives from LongTan Factory and 6 labor representatives from YangMei Factory, totaling 18 labor representatives from both plants. Although the Company has not yet established a labor union, representatives of labor and management actively participate in discussions and negotiations on matters related to the adjustment of the overall labor conditions of the Company, the dissemination of the system and reciprocity between labor and management. Therefore, there are no labor-management disputes. In the event of significant operational changes that may affect employees, we will notify the relevant employees in advance in accordance with the Labor Standards Law.
All of Wafer Works' employees, including senior executives at the division level and above, are officially employed. The total number of employees in 2020 is 1,114, including 418 employees (including 111 foreign employees) in YangMei Factory and 696 employees (including 164 foreign employees) in LongTan Factory. There were no significant changes in the number of employees for the full year in 2020. Wafer Works employs 100% nationals at the senior management level and above.
Treat every employee equally
Under the concept of gender equality and ethnic integration, Wafer Works' salary design and approval are based on the candidate's academic background, professional knowledge or skills, professional experience, and job category, and do not differ based on gender, race, political affiliation, marital status, national or ethnic origin, age, or religious beliefs. Wafer Works aims to create equal working conditions. Under the concept of gender equality and ethnic integration, salaries are designed and approved based on the candidate's academic background, professional knowledge or skills, professional experience, and job category, and do not differ based on gender, race, political affiliation, marital status, origin or ethnicity, age, or religious beliefs. As long as candidates have the ability and confidence, they can compete on an equal footing for any position, regardless of the job, promotion or training.
Better Salary than Industry
In order to achieve the long-term development of the company, while taking into account the standard of living of employees, Wafer Works attaches importance to the salary, benefits and treatment of employees. Every year, through various channels, Wafer Works will measure the market and regional salary levels and make appropriate adjustments to the salaries of employees, so as to attract talents to join the company with the most competitive salaries.
Humanistic space for women
Wafer Works has baby-sitting rooms in all of its plants, all of which are individually gated and do not share space with other uses, and are available to female employees for breastfeeding, creating a gender-friendly environment.
Maternal care
In order to take care of employees, and in compliance with the Gender Equality Act and labor standards, as long as employees meet the conditions of "having worked for the company for six months" and "having a child under the age of three", they can apply for childcare leave without pay, and are provided with the procedure to apply for childcare allowance from the Labor Insurance Bureau. During the period of childcare leave, the company covers the labor and health insurance costs, retains the position, and temporarily replaces the employee's position with a short-term job, and returns to the employee's original unit when the leave is over. The company provides early and late reinstatement programs so that employees with childcare needs will have no worries.
The reinstatement rate of employees who apply for nursery leave after giving birth is also higher than the industry, which fully demonstrates the friendly workplace environment of our company.

Staff Training, Organizational Learning and Development

Wafer Works is committed to creating a continuous and diverse learning and development environment, cultivating highly committed and engaged employees, and laying the foundation for corporate excellence by continuing to work on technology, products, trends, and mindsets to achieve the win-win goals of employee growth, self-fulfillment, and company performance improvement. The Human Resources Department plays a key role in the implementation of education and training to assist employees (including new recruits and transfers) in the enhancement of professional knowledge and skills. Through the annual training survey and planning, the training plan for the following year is formulated and the training courses are planned. The training courses are divided into six categories: "Newcomer Training", "Core Technology", "Quality and Efficiency", "Leadership", "Language Training" and "Core General Knowledge".
Diverse career development and learning paths that are closely aligned with the company's business strategy.
  1. Plan the annual education and training objectives by combining the company's operational goals and training needs.
  2. According to departmental goals, integrate personal goals and career development, and set out each person's learning development plan.
  3. Implement professional knowledge and production technology training courses to enhance employee capabilities and strengthen organizational competitiveness.
  4. Recommend government vocational training channels to assist in counseling, encourage employees to further their own education, increase their second expertise, and implement lifelong learning.
  5. Establish a complete career system for employees and combined it with an e-Learning platform for remedial training and learning to meet the policy of improving human resources quality. 
  6. From newcomers to senior management, we have established a complete range of training and development categories to meet the needs of employees at different stages.
The training objectives and training priorities for 2020 are:
1.Implementation of professional certification specifications (Technician & Engineer professional certification) 2. Refine the professional and technical capacity of the department 3. Deeply cultivate personnel quality awareness 4. Strengthen the competent management function 5. Improve the English proficiency of the whole staff. We conduct different training themes and guidelines according to each employee's stage, hoping to improve the quality of personnel through education and training.
Implementation of professional accreditation norms
Emphasis is placed on the development of professional functions of employees, and through professional and technical training courses, we establish multiple professional functions of employees.
Refine the professional and technical capacity of the department
In addition to enhancing technical skills through professional certifications, OJT hands-on/departmental professional function training and core technology courses including long crystal series/wafer series/new technology development, etc., enable new and existing technicians, engineers and supervisors to become familiar with the process and SOPs of each department and understand the current status of the company's process and the application of new technology and future development.
Deeply cultivate personnel quality awareness
Through the routine courses of SPC, FMEA, 8D, PCRB, APQP, PDCA, Quality Awareness, and Quality Priority for quality efficiency, the staff can understand and apply the quality control techniques and tools to their work, and strengthen their quality awareness. In addition, through the 6Sigma course, employees develop the ability of systematic analysis, problem solving, and leadership, making it easier for decision makers to identify and invest resources in projects with potential and value, and reducing communication costs and friction between executives in the improvement process due to different goals between departments, thus moving the organization towards data orientation and improving the quality of decision making by the company's management. In turn, we will improve the overall product and process quality, increase the company's industrial competitiveness, reduce operating costs and increase profitability. The annual quality stability commitment consensus camp is held for engineers/group leaders/supervisors above the managerial level at the plant end, in order to gather specific quality behavior consensus among the grassroots colleagues and promote the goal of quality stability, quality responsibility and team quality stability commitment.
Strengthen the competent management function
Through the first step to become a supervisor, departmental talent management training (selection, training, and retention), and systematic logical thinking seminars, colleagues understand the role of supervisors and goal management, as well as how to manage the department and teach their subordinates so as to improve the overall efficiency of the department and maintain the relationship between supervisors and subordinates. In addition, through the Carnegie High Performance Manager class, we cultivate the leadership and management skills of middle and senior managers.
Improve the English proficiency of the whole staff
In response to the expansion of the company's global international business and to enhance the proficiency of the relevant employees in the use of English, we have arranged English basic classes and English speaking clubs according to the language level of the employees. With the theme of business English, we aim to improve the English listening, reading, writing, grammar, and speaking skills, and to verify the learning effect of our employees through the final presentation, hoping to improve their business English and speaking skills so that they can effectively apply them to their work and achieve the organizational goals.
The implementation of education and training must be clearly defined as one of the departmental KPI's by each department.
According to the development of each department, a clear number of training hours is set each year and included in the KPI indicators. Every month, the Human Resources department will analyze and announce the actual training situation.

Performance Management and Career Planning
Wafer Works implements performance management through an open performance appraisal system. This system is applicable to all regular employees of Wafer Works, regardless of gender or age. Through regular performance evaluations, supervisors conduct performance interviews with colleagues to discuss goal attainment, suggestions for developing competencies, and career feedback. In addition to strengthening the consensus of work objectives between colleagues and department heads, we also understand the differences between employees and supervisors in terms of task completion and expectations. In order to emphasize the mechanism of "employee development first and performance evaluation second", we hope to cultivate and develop employees' individual abilities to further enhance the company's competitiveness and overall organizational effectiveness.
In order to make personal development and company development complement each other, the supervisor will discuss with each employee in November every year to formulate a personal annual development plan in accordance with the department's annual development goal and each employee's career intention and personal development needs, and set out the goals and work content in the annual personal assessment. The goals and work contents will be stated in the annual assessment of the individual. Therefore, the employees will have the goal and plan to enrich the knowledge and skills required for the current job or the next stage of the job, so as to prepare for the future career development and achieve the goal of improving the performance and development ability. In the year-end review, we will review the emplyees’ effectiveness of implementation based on the goals, work content and learning plans set at the beginning of the year.
In addition, the company regularly holds annual promotions, and the supervisor recommends outstanding talents with the results of individual performance appraisal.
In order to enrich the functions and jobs of our employees and to expand the opportunities to learn different fields, the company has a job rotation system to train all-round management talents for the company.
Employee Benefits
Comprehensive and diverse benefits system
Wafer Works believes that employees are an important asset to the company, and plans comprehensive and diverse benefits to attract and retain talented people.
Flexible working hours:
A flexible commuting system is in place for indirect employees of level 6 or above. Employees can flexibly adjust their commuting time within half an hour according to their personal situation (e.g. commuting time, taking children to school...etc.)
Leave of absence in compliance with regulations:
3 days of special leave after six months of service according to law; 5 days of paternity leave for employees

Employee share subscription: 
Share subscription by employees in the form of cash capital increase
Mid-year (Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival) bonus/Year-end bonus
Employee cash compensation distribution (employee bonuses):
In order to increase employees' participation in the company and encourage them to stay in office for a long time and share the business results together, the Company allocates the annual net profit and pay the 2019 employee bonus in September 2020 based on the results of individual assessment.
Reward for long term employees:
As a token of appreciation to our senior employees who have contributed to the company's growth, we plan to offer gifts and gold medals to employees who have reached five years, ten years, fifteen years, and twenty years (employees who have reached fifteen years will receive an honorary leave of five days) every year.

Gift Certificates: 
May Day / Dragon Boat Festival / Mid-Autumn Festival / Birthday Gift Certificates

Staff medical room:
The company employs full-time nursing staff and has a medical office to provide employee health consultation and health education information.

Meal allowance:
The company has a staff restaurant and provides staff meal subsidies.
Comprehensive welfare care:
●Employee Welfare Committee provides wedding, funeral and maternity benefits.
●Subsidize sports clubs and various arts and culture clubs to promote common communication among employees. For example, ●we conduct yoga and fitness exercises with fellow to cultivate good exercise habits and promote health.
Plan annual employee trips or subsidies to bring the company, employees and their families together.
●The items, cost and frequency of employee health checkups are better than the legal norms.
●Employee dormitories are available.
Year-end party
Free employees group insurance (life insurance, injury insurance, accidental insurance, medical insurance, hospitalization, cancer insurance, occupational disaster)/insurance expense discount for family dependents

According to the law, employees will be insured for labor and health insurance on the day of employment. The company also provides group insurance for all employees. The company also provides travel and overseas travel safety insurance, and arranges an insurance company to be stationed in the factory every week to provide colleagues with related consulting services.

Foreign employees enjoy benefits such as three holiday gift certificates, meal allowance, association allowance, wedding, funeral and maternity allowance, staff travel, staff dormitory, health check, staff group insurance, and transportation to and from work.
In addition, the company has the following facilities for employees to relax after work:
●Staff Cafeteria
●Welfare association
●Staff leisure and fitness center