Sustainable Operation
Business Philosophy
In 1986, President Mr. Chiao Ping Hai established Helitek Corporation in USA and started up business of silicon wafer which was the predecessor of Wafer Works Corporation. Also, it laid the foundations of silicon wafer development for Wafer Works Corporation. In 1997, Wafer Works Corporation was established in Taiwan; through steady development of its core business, we expand production base to six plants across the Taiwan Strait.  The company has become the top 6th supplier of semicon materials in the world. In the meantime, it is the second largest manufacturer of heavily doped low-impedance products.
Wafer Works plants aim to fulfill customer satisfaction and long-term goal since the beginning; this concept has become the core value of the company - customer-oriented.
Besides constant advancement of technologies and development of high-quality silicon wafers, Wafer Works Corporation stands in the view of customers to provide best solutions to conform to market trends and customer demands so as to become a reliable supplier of semicon materials.
Wafer Works Corporation is convinced that success only lies in building mutual-trust and cooperative partnership between customers and suppliers, comprehensive understanding of customer demands, closely working with suppliers, and jointly development of innovative products and services beyond customer expectations. Externally, Wafer Works Corporation is compliant with customers and loyal to the commitments to customers. The company is run based on the philosophy of integrity, co-creation, and sharing to achieve triple-win situation with company, customers, and suppliers. In the meantime, employees are the core value of the company; we recruit and retain outstanding talents with the core values of the company, and promise to create a safe and inclusive workplace to ensure that each employee enjoys a friendly working environment with human rights, skills development and safety.
Outcomes have been shared with staff. Wafer Works Corporation regards sustainable development as the highest principle and strides towards the goal of "A customer-oriented supplier of semicon materials". Meanwhile, we keep bringing positive influence to the society through the five major aspects to implement corporate social responsibility, namely corporate governance, employee care, environmental sustainability, customer service, and social participation.
Managerial Status

World Class Supplier of Semiconductor Silicon Wafer

After 20 years of hard work, Wafer Works has become the 6th largest semiconductor silicon wafer supplier in the world. With 4 advanced semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturing plants, Wafer Works has a total plant area of over 120 thousand square meters and nearly 1,600 employees around the world. Wafer Works insists on strict operation and sales management. Regarding supplying and usage of products and services, there is neither vast penalty charges caused by breaking of laws and regulations nor any lawsuits with respect to acts of anti-competition, anti-trust, and monopolistic conducts.
Company Name
    Wafer Works Corp.
Establishment Date
    July 1997
IPO Date
    May 2002
    Pat Chiao
Number of Employees
Paid-in Capital
    NT$ 5,108,984,360
    Silicon Rods, Polished Silicon Wafers, Epitaxial Wafers
    ISO 9001、IATF 16949、ISO 50001 、ISO 14001、ISO 45001
    No. 100, Longyuan 1st Rd., Longtan Science Park, Taoyuan, 325002

Global Distribution

Wafer Works (Taiwan) Corporation (WWX)
In Taiwan, YangMei Factory and LongTan Factory were established to supply 6-inch and 8-inch polished wafers to the domestic and global market.
Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corporation (WWXS)
Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corporation mainly provide 5 to 6-inch silicon wafers globally in the world and domestically in China and currently is one of the largest professional polished silicon wafer manufacturing factories in China.
Wafer Works Epitaxial Corporation (WWXE)
Established in 2005, Wafer Works Epitaxial Corporation has its major sales in 6 to 8-inch epitaxial silicon wafers, buried layer epitaxial manufacturing and heavily-doped polished wafers of 4, 5, 6 and 8-inch.
Wafer Works (Yangzhou) Corporation (WWXY)
Mainly provides to the market who need 4-6 inches Silicon wafer and ingot in China and all over the world.
Wafer Works (Zhengzhou) Corporation (WWXZ)
Established in October 2018, it mainly supplies 12-inch wafer for the global and China market.
Wafer Works (Zaze) Corporation 
Established in November 2019, it mainly supplies 12-inch wafer for the global and China market.
Japan: Tokyo Hyogo
South Korea: Gyeonggi-Do (경 기 도)
Europe: Netherlands, Belgium, Italy
Helitek Company Ltd.
The establishment of Helitek is to obtain a more competitive cost of production and to provide better technical support for customers as well as set up perfect warehousing service and shorten the product delivery time, in order to significantly reduce customers' costs. Helitek is an important marketing stronghold in the group that serves clients in America and expands the market of America and Canada.
Wafer Works Corporation has never been forbidden to sell any questioned or controversial products by interested parties in specific markets, nor has the company violated any laws concerning marketing propaganda (including commercials, promotions, and sponsors) and involved with voluntary principle incidents.

Operational Risk Management

Establishing a complete enterprise risk management mechanism and improving the company's ability to respond to crisis are fundamental for a company's sustainable operation and competitiveness. The ultimate operation goal for Wafer Works is sustainable operation; Wafer Works insists to corporate vision and long-term sustainable responsibility to the society, we maintain the company's image and protecting the rights and interests of stakeholders. Wafer Works actively carries out crisis response, pre-crisis prevention and drills, starting from risk management and hazard identification. (, like fire, earthquake, etc.) and protect the right of the stakeholders. In order to implement the concept of risk management for all employees, each functional unit identifies the detailed risks according to the professional division of labor, and formulates management strategies and response plans to reduce, transfer or avoid risks, so as to effectively reduce the company's operational risks.
Currently, risk management is classified into 3 levels (mechanisms):
“First Mechanism” will involve initial risk identification, evaluation, management and proposing of suggestions by responsible departments or supervisors.
“Second Mechanism” will be the holding of regular management meetings for feasibility assessment and a variety of risk assessments.
“Third Mechanism” is the review of legal and audit departments and review by directors and supervisors.

Information And Communication Security Risk Management

The Company has established the management method of information and communication security policy and related operation details, and the information unit is responsible for the risk assessment and analysis of the establishment of information and communication security standard. The security requirements of the system, management and protection of the system, etc., are strictly implemented by the information unit and evaluated and handled jointly with relevant business units, and are regularly and irregularly audited and reviewed by the company's auditing unit and reported to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.
Wafer Works' Information Security Committee is chaired and convened by the general manager, and its members include directors of production, sales, technology, human resources, industrial safety, quality assurance, accounting, and information, etc. Regularly or in case of major anomalies, we hold information security committee meetings to follow up, and hold education and training courses and read information security policies on the computer login screen to raise employees' awareness of security.
Strictly implement information security management measures and strengthen information and communication security system protection:
(1)   Regularly educate employees on information and communication security policies to maintain information security and company business confidentiality responsibilities.
(2)   Regularly detect the security control mechanism of computer network system and e-mail, including the setting and vulnerability repair of firewall, anti-virus and anti-phishing spam, and prevention of malicious software intrusion.
(3)   For the security protection of important application system servers, in addition to the use of account password identification security mechanism, and do not provide direct remote login to prevent illegal users from logging into the host computer to steal, damage and other things.
(4)   For the control of software download, the use of unauthorized software is prohibited. If free software is downloaded from the Internet, it must be authorized by the network administrator and tested and scanned before installation and execution to confirm that it is safe.
(5)   For confidential and sensitive data files, we make appropriate access control and leave system modification records for important data error correction.
(6)   We have established computer asset management methods, installed endpoint anti-virus software and deployed information security monitoring programs to control and reduce information security risks.
(7)   Regularly check the notification mechanism for major abnormal events in information and communication security, including the appropriate operating procedures and division of authority and responsibility. If the network is found to be intruded or suspected to be intruded, immediately follow the operational procedures, take necessary actions, and report to the responsible supervisor immediately.
(8)   Online backup software is built to protect the company against the risk of critical system crashes, and regular drills are conducted to ensure that critical systems can return to normal operation within a reasonable period of time.
(9)   Because information security insurance is a new type of insurance, the scope of insurance and claims evaluation are not yet clear. Therefore, we have not yet taken out information security insurance, but we have signed maintenance contracts with software and hardware vendors to prevent interruption of information system services.
Sustainability Strategy

Ethical Management

"Establishment with Honesty" is the top business philosophy of WAFER WORKS and has been written in the company portfolio to stress the purpose of business with integrity. In order to practice the spirit of ethical management, we had enacted "Ethical corporate management principles", "Procedures for ethical management and guidelines for conduct" and "Handling procedure for insider transaction prevention" and were approved by board of directors to regulate the behavior of board members and company staff. In addition, the "RBA Measures for Professional Ethics Management " had been made and announced, to show our purpose and resolution in good faith management and simultaneously all integrity related regulations are included into the scope of performance appraisal.
The contents of "RBA Measures for Professional Ethics Management" are stated as follow:
1. Principle of Integrity.
2. Respect individuals and customers.
3. Avoid conflicts of interest.
4. Gifts and business entertainment.
5. Facilitating Payment (not allowed).
6. Complete, proper, accurate, timely and understandable information disclosure.
7. Report, protection and exemption.
       8. Corporate social responsibility.
Regarding assessment of risks, any establishment of system at Wafer Works Corporation shall lay emphasis on reasonable division of labor and authorization so as to elevate efficiency and prevent occurrences of risks including corruption. The company has made "RBA Measures for Professional Ethics Management" to proceed with assessment on operating risks of integrity. For any identified risks, the authority shall review related operating procedures and propose corrective measures in order to prevent occurrences of related risks.

With regards to report and complaint channel, in order to provide the channels for employees to reflect any opinion and report any illegal action, WAFER WORKS provides substantial mailboxes and report channels clearly defined in the "RBA Measures for Professional Ethics Management ". Upon discovering any illegal actions, the employee shall report by emails or written letters to the chairman, general manager, auditors or other eligible personnel. Report email address:
Develop educational materials based on the code of conduct advocated by RBA to promote integrity and anti-corruption. In 2020, one RBA training session was held, with a total of 183 participants, to enable employees to fully understand Wafer Works' commitment to integrity, policies, prevention programs and the consequences of non-compliance."Honesty and Integrity" is the top priority of Wafer Works' management philosophy. In 2020, the chairman and the supervisors signed an anti-corruption statement to swear the company's determination to fight against corruption. In 2020, there was no incidents of corruption and therefore no related actions to be taken.
WAFER WORKS includes honesty, integrity and customer orientation into the employees' core competency and performance appraisal based on the business philosophy of ethical management and establishment with honesty. Employees are reviewed regularly every year to assure that the organizational culture and employee behavior comply to the company's philosophy of sustainable business and through the long-term strategy planning the performance of long-term sustainable development is implemented and promoted.
In order to establish correct legal concepts and code of conduct for all employees as well as reduce the management risk of company, we plan and develop employees' core competency based on the company's "Establishment with Honesty" concept for work ethics, insider transaction, business bribing, anti-corruption and other propaganda and training courses. Every employee is requested to sign the Declaration of information security and business secret to assure them of complying every ethical principles, behaviors and regulations as well as equipping correct legal concept in dealing with relevant affairs at work, so that the company's competency can be strengthen to achieve sustainable development.

Operational Organization


WAFER WORKS is an OTC company with BoD as the highest management unit. Every director has a minimum of 30 years experiences in business, legal affair, finance, accounting or other work experience required by the company's business with fields covering semiconductor, optoelectronics, venture capital investment and other industries. They have rich knowledge and experience, personal insight and business sense and offer many recommendations toward business strategy and direction of development of the company. The current board of directors consists of nine male directors, three of whom are independent directors, with an average age of over 60 years and a directorship of three years.

The functions and duties of BoD are listed as follows:
  1. Supervision: Supervise the law compliance, transparent financial status, instant key information revealing, no internal corruption. To fully realize the duty of supervision, the Salary and Payment Committee and internal audit units are established under the BoD.
  2. Evaluate the performance of the management team and appoint and managers:The Board of Directors meets at least once a quarter and held five meetings in 2020, with an average attendance rate of 97.78%, to hear reports from the management team and to evaluate and review the corporate strategies proposed by the management.
  3. Important matters of resolution: Except for the matters that should be decided by the shareholders' meeting in accordance with the law or the company's articles of association, the implementation of the company's business shall be handled in accordance with the resolutions of the board of directors.
Board Compensation System:
        1.Remuneration: In accordance with the Company's compensation plan for directors, independent directors do not participate 
           in the annual distribution of the Company's profit-making directors' remuneration because they perform their duties and
           participate in corporate governance independently and receive fixed compensation.
        2.Directors' Remuneration: In accordance with Article 29 of the Company's Articles of Incorporation, if the Company makes a 
           profit in a year, no more than 2% shall be set aside as remuneration to the directors. However, if the Company has
           accumulated losses, the amount of compensation shall be reserved in advance.
 Please refer to Appendix III for the table of directors' remuneration and remuneration scale for 2020. (P.127~P.129)
Audit Committee   
The Audit Committee was established in accordance with the law for the re-election of directors in 2018, with a total of 3 members, consisting of all independent directors of the Company, and held at least 1 meeting per quarter. 5 meetings were held in 2020, with a 100% attendance rate of members in person.
The functional responsibilities of the Audit Committee are primarily aimed at the oversight of the following matters:
(1)   Fair presentation of the Company's financial statements.
(2)   The selection (dismissal) and independence and performance of visa accountants.
(3)   Effective implementation of the company's internal control.
(4)   The company follows the relevant laws and regulations.
        (5)  Control of the existence or potential risks of the company.
Salary and Compensation Committee
The Committee consists of 3 members, all are independent directors of the Company, and holds at least 2 meetings per year. In 2020, a total of 2 meetings were held, with 100% attendance of members in person.
The functional responsibilities of the Salary and Compensation Committee include:
(1)   To establish and regularly review the policies, systems, standards and structures for annual and long-term performance          goals and compensation of directors and managers.
          (2)   Regularly assess and determine the remuneration of directors and managers. 
WAFER WORKS hold the spirit of law compliance as the guide for sustainable business. In order to guarantee the compliance of laws for business and activities, we not only defined the control points of laws relevant to the business and activity executed by all units and undertakers, but established the legal affair and audit units to regularly review relevant laws and audit current regulations for correction and improvement. We also assign employees to attend internal or external law-related training courses to understand the latest laws and assure the implementation of relevant laws. WAFER WORKS has no significant penalty fined by the competent authority due to violation of laws and regulations in 2020.
Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion Committee
In order to proactively implement corporate social responsibility, WAFER WORKS established the corporate social responsibility promotion committee with the general manager as chairman and representatives from each unit as committee members. Meetings are held regularly with the executive secretary (Adm. Dept.) responsible for managing all related works in order to comply with the international trend of balancing company's management and development with environment and society. It is based on the responsibility of improving life quality of employees, communities and society. Promoting company's competitiveness and superiority is the duty of all committee members. Four meetings were held between 2018 and 2020, with an average attendance of 92% of members.

Financial Performance

In 2020, the COVID-19 rages, countries take aggressive measures to prevent the epidemic, traditional business activities are significantly reduced, and the global economy declines by approximately 4.5%. Only the semiconductor industry led to a significant increase in demand for semiconductors, including silicon wafers, related industries due to remote work, video conferencing and the prevalence of the Internet economy, and complemented by the gradual recovery of the car market in the second half of the year. According to the SEMI statistics, global silicon wafer shipments in 2020 reached 12,407 million square inches, up 5% from the same period last year; sales of $11.2 billion, the same as the past two years. Wafer Works' annual shipments grew 20% compared to the same period in 2019, with 8-inch wafer shipments reaching a new high in the fourth quarter and increasing its global market share to 5.3%; the 12-inch epitaxial foundry service, a new addition to the product line, was also certified by customers and began contributing to revenue. The Group's consolidated revenue was NT$7.42 billion and earnings per share was NT$1.02, a slight decline from last year, due to the decline in average sales price, rising transportation costs and the significant appreciation of the New Taiwan dollar.
Capacity of both plants by the end of 2020: 6"300,000 Equivalent; 8"300,000 Equivalent, with defect rate reduction and 1.1% yield improvement.
Looking ahead to this year's post-epidemic era, the market generally expects the semiconductor boom to turn hot in the next two years. Even though corporate mergers have become popular and the US-China trade conflict has led to a global restructuring of the supply chain, Wafer Works will take a pragmatic and proactive approach to welcome the new wave of the boom cycle as the automotive market heats up and demand for new areas such as 5G and electric vehicles (EVs) grows.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to actively practice corporate social responsibility, Wafer Works established a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee to take sustainable development as the highest guiding principle, to grasp the overall trend of economic, social and environmental changes at home and abroad, and to continue to communicate with external consultations on CSR issues. Practical actions are taken make more external groups know about Wafer Works, and expand the scope of influence to more people in need, and fulfill corporate social responsibility and give back to society.
Looking forward to 2020, due to global climate change and environmental problems have become the topics of concern to the international community, in pursuit of sustainable development, Wafer Works will continue to promote water recovery plans every year to increase the proportion of recycled water use; Carry out waste management to recycle and reuse to ensure fully utilization of resources; And implement carbon management and greenhouse gas inventory to reduce risks and impacts caused by climate change. Facing the rise of innovation and technology and the global business environment full of uncertain variables, Wafer Works will adhere to the consistent business philosophy of becoming a customer-oriented supplier of semiconductor materials. In addition to continuously improving its operational performance, the Company will start with corporate governance, treat the implementation of corporate social responsibility more carefully from top to bottom, and fully promote various social responsibility work to create more sustainable value for enterprises and society.
Wafer Works’ commitments to Corporate Social Responsibilities are:

1. To Implement corporate governance, enhance information transparency, adhere to the rule of law, attach importance to ethics, and protect the rights and interests of stakeholders.

2. To prohibit the employment of child labor, forced labor and conflict minerals, creating win-win partnership with suppliers.

3. To make efforts on environmental protection and energy conservation, comply with environmental law, working safety regulations and energy policies, and create a safe and comfortable working environment.

4.To Continuously pay extra care to employees and social concerns, uphold respect for colleagues, love sharing and giving back to society, and fulfill civil responsibility.

Over the years, Wafer Works continued to create a friendly workplace environment for all employees to feel at ease and develop their skills at home and abroad; develop innovative and high-quality products, and at the same time reduce the environmental impact of the production process; care about the region, participate in community activities, and to enhance employees' concern and participation in public welfare, and form a good internal atmosphere. Wafer Works strives to ensure the company's sustainable growth and development through long-term practical strategic planning. In addition to continuous good performance in the industry and create value for employees, customers and stakeholders, we are more active in corporate citizenship, investing in environmental protection, human rights maintenance, supplier management, community interaction, social welfare, and every international issue that is valued, and expects to be associated with subsidiaries, suppliers, customers and others relevant party of interests can take social responsibility, and promote more sustainable development momentum to all levels for a virtuous circle and sustainable development between enterprises, society and environmental ecology.
Wafer Works regards employees as valuable and important assets of the Company and strengthens diversified development training of employees’ functions as the basis for cultivating semiconductor talents.
Ensure the rights and interests of labors, ensure the safety of employees at work, and promote the life balance of employees’ health, work and leisure. Retain outstanding talents through employee welfare measures.
Promote employees to participate in activities contributing society as volunteers, improve the quality of labor force and fulfill corporate social responsibility.
Social Group
Organize public welfare activities, join the community to clean the environment, participate in community activities, and take practical actions to care for the neighborhood and give back to the society.
Donate/assist charities and participate in community activities to help disadvantaged groups give back to the society and; Join the community environmental cleaning activities, and care for the community and the environment.
Continue to give back to the society, and hope to drive employees to take the initiative to join the ranks of giving back to the society and caring for the environment and the earth through continuous feedback actions
Education Training
The Company regularly trains and publicizes the sustainable development of enterprises and the implementation of social responsibility, ensuring employees to fully understand the Company’s corporate social responsibility policies, the structure and responsibilities of corporate social responsibility committees, and the publicity of various public welfare activities. The Company also has a corporate social responsibility webpage area, a stakeholder webpage area, corporate social responsibility implementation planning and effectiveness, and other relevant regulations. In addition to the education and training of corporate social responsibility in the education and training of newcomers, in 2020, we invited a third-party consultant to conduct two CSR-related education and training sessions for a total of 241 participants.
Interested Parties

Key Issues

The interested parties are identified via the discussion of business management level according to company's business philosophy and business process of each department, which include employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, contractors, community residents, social groups, government organizations, media, and other units such as certification companies, verification companies and academic organizations. We review our interested parties regularly every year and no big change is made. For the generation of key issues, they are processed under the sequence of identification, ranking, confirmation, review and examination. An enterprise shall comprehensively assess its development strategies and potential operation risks and their impact level on the enterprise's sustainable development, so as to come out substantial issues and the weighting of content of each issue.
For internal and external stakeholders and their concerns, in addition to various communication channels, we used questionnaires to collect stakeholders' concerns and their degree of concern, including employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, contractors and other types of stakeholders (178 questionnaires were sent and 153 questionnaires were returned, with a statistical response rate of 86%, including 153 valid questionnaires and 0 invalid questionnaires) and senior executives within the company (27 questionnaires were sent and 27 questionnaires were returned, with a statistical response rate of 100%), in order to understand the impact of each issue on the company's operations.
Of the 42 perpetual issues for 2020, 27 significant issues were identified through stakeholder materiality analysis, as follows:Technology Development/Product Quality, Innovation Management, Product Management, Product Hazardous Substance Management, Economic Performance, Indirect Economic Impact, Anti-Corruption, Operational and Financial Performance, Sustainable Development Strategy, Customer Service, Supplier Social Assessment, Labor/Management Relations, Occupational Safety and Health, Education and Training, Customer Privacy, Customer Health and Safety, Socio-Economic Regulatory Compliance, Talent Development, Employee Benefits and Compensation, Talent Recruitment and retention, chemical use, water, water management, energy, waste water and waste, greenhouse gas management, and air pollutant management.
After the substantive analysis, 27 issues of concern were identified, and the impact of these 27 issues of concern on the organization and outside the organization was evaluated, and the significance of these 27 issues was determined by the CSR Committee, and finally 27 issues were identified as critical issues for 2020, and their management policies and related guidelines were disclosed.
Major Theme Management Policy
Importance to Operations, policies, commitments, goals, management and evaluation mechanisms
Major themes
Medium and long-term goals
Units of authority and responsibility
How we manage
Evaluation Mechanism
Corresponding Sections
Technology Development
Technology level:
Implement the technology development blueprint. Depending on market needs and technology reserves. Dynamic product development route
Talent level:
Select and nurture talents to extend ahead
Respecting professionalism by employing and retaining talents
 For employees:
Emphasize respect  for professional expertise
Assist in long-term career planning
For investors:
Securing core technology areas
Development of future emerging technologies
For industry and society:
Healthy technology competition in industry
Participate in the training of talents in higher education institutions
For the environment:
Reducing emissions and energy consumption
Promote the development of green energy industry
Technology Development:
Core technology international leading
Innovative technology implementation industry
Talent development:
Establish a stable source of local talent
Attracting cutting-edge international talents to join
Application Engineering Division
Wafer Technology Division
SOI Technology Division
New Product Technology Division
Technology development is project-based. Target setting, execution planning, budget and schedule are all managed on a project basis.
Talent management focuses on long-term development, covering talent selection, project development, career planning, and retention programs.
Project management, quarterly/yearly/plural yearly review
Product Quality
Strictly abide by the regulations of management and operation standards, improve the execution of the quality system, implement the policy of continuous improvement, pursue the goal of optimal quality, and strive to meet the present and future needs of our customers
Wafer Works produces crystal bars and wafers that meet the quality standards expected and required by our customers. We are very strict about the quality control of the production process and emphasize process management to ensure that we will do everything we can to improve and enhance the yield rate to achieve the goal of perfection.
Continuous improvement and optimization. 0 deviation from the goal
Quality Assurance Division
In accordance with ISO/IATF 16949 quality system management requirements, we use the concept of process to monitor the performance of products, processes and systems, and encourage internal continuous improvement to improve product quality and production efficiency.
Set annual quality goals, regular monitoring and review to achieve effective operation and continuous improvement of the quality management system
Innovation Management
Continuous independent research and development. Product quality to meet customers' needs now and in the future
Technology is rooted in Taiwan, market is global, and we are a customer-oriented supplier of peninsula base materials.
Become the best supplier of specialized products
Investment Relations Office
Technical conferences
1. technical meeting
2. product validation
Product Management
Product Hazardous Substance Management
In order to ensure that our products comply with international/regional/national standards, RoHS, REACH/SVHC and customer requirements, it is necessary to avoid environmental pollution and make our products fully compliant with the requirements of non-hazardous substances and meet customer needs, so that our company can be more competitive and sustainable in business.
Wafer Works produces crystal bars and wafers that meet the quality standards expected and required by our customers. We are very strict about the quality control of the production process and emphasize process management to ensure that we will do everything we can to improve and enhance the yield rate to achieve the goal of perfection.
100% compliance with RoHS, REACH level customer requirements
Sales Division
Quality Assurance Division
In accordance with ISO/IATF 16949 quality system management requirements and QC080000 concept of hazardous substances management, suppliers are required to provide relevant supporting evidence to confirm compliance with regulations and customer requirements before material recognition, so as  to have the opportunity to become a member of the environmentally friendly supply chain.
Regular testing of materials and finished products by a third party laboratory as a basis for future improvement
Economic Performance
Operating Financial Performance
Indirect Economic Impact
Continuously improve management efficiency, reduce production costs and closely coordinate production and sales to enhance our competitive advantage
Create higher economic value to return to shareholders, investors and other stakeholders
1. Continue to pursue profitability and growth, and strengthen financial structure
2. Continue to enhance corporate governance and maintain good relations with investors
General Manager's Office
Finance Office
Accounting Office
We have a comprehensive corporate governance structure with a board of directors, an audit committee, a salary committee and an audit office to effectively control the overall operation and development of the company.
1. Annual budget review: Monthly review of the implementation status at the company's operational performance meeting on a regular basis
2. Work target review: Monthly review of the implementation status by each plant and regular performance assessment
Anti-Corruption Statement
To implement the policy of honest management and engage in business activities based on the principles of fairness, honesty, trustworthiness and transparency
1. 0 Corruption Incidents
2.   Continuously conduct RBA training for employees (integrity management and anti-corruption promotion), and implement it into corporate culture.
Human Resources Division
Establish a corporate culture of integrity and implement integrity management policies. Regulate employees to strictly comply with the principle of integrity when engaging in the above activities, and link to the annual performance appraisal mechanism
Internal audit
Sustainable Development Strategy
Honest creation, partnership, customer orientation, quality refinement, co-creation and sharing
Wafer Works insists on technology rooted in Taiwan with global market, upholds the concept of sustainable management, actively creates value for society and fulfills its corporate social responsibility.
Comply with international ESG standards and improve corporate governance assessment results
Investment Relations Office
We have a comprehensive corporate governance structure with a board of directors, an audit committee, a salary committee and an audit office to effectively control the overall operation and development of the company.
1. Board of Directors, Internal Audit Mechanism and Internal Control
2. Corporate Governance Review
Customer Service
To be a customer-oriented supplier of semiconductor materials by providing excellent quality and service
To provide the best service to our customers in order to be a worry-free partner
We are a customer-oriented supplier of semiconductor materials to meet our customers' goals and expectations.
Sales Office
Analyze customer satisfaction reports and supplier score sheets, and propose improvements
Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey
Supplier Social Assessment
Supplier Evaluation Form
Prevent or mitigate negative social impacts caused by the supply chain
1. Require suppliers to ensure that no forced labor, bonded labor, involuntary prison labor, slavery, etc. are used
2. The Company shall not discriminate against employees in recruitment or employment activities (e.g., promotion, compensation, etc.) on the basis of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, creed, political affiliation, association membership, or marital status.
3. No child labor
Materials Division
Evaluate and audit the main raw material suppliers, and differentiate the supplier grade according to the evaluation results.
Supplier audits
Labor/employment relationship
Human Resources Policy
Avoid the possibility of losses due to labor disputes
Set up multiple communication channels to listen to employees' voices
Human Resources Division
1.   Establishing a comprehensive communication channel and listening to employees' voices. Employees can communicate in a friendly environment without retaliation, and regular labor-management meetings are held to reach consensus through agenda discussions.
2.   Understanding the needs of employees through employee opinion questionnaires
1. Labor-management meeting
2. Employee satisfaction questionnaire
Occupational Safety and Health
Environmental Safety and Health Policy
Protecting employee health and safety
Continuously provide a good and safe working environment
Office of Work Safety
Management through ISO 45001 management system and quarterly recruitment of safety and health management committee
Management System ISO 45001
Education and Training
1. Improve the English proficiency of all staff
2. Standardize and implement professional certification
3. Improve personnel quality efficiency
4. Strengthen the management function of supervisors
1. Enrich human resources, provide employees with learning opportunities and appropriate job rotation, in order to achieve the right talent for the right place
2. Provide planned training for employees to meet their self-growth needs and improve technical and management performance
1.   Strengthening organizational competitiveness
2. Optimize education and training system
3. Deepen the quality awareness of personnel
Human Resources Division
Handling professional training courses for each department, providing multiple training channels, and combining with e-learning platform for supplementary training and learning to improve the quality of human resources
1. Set annual education and training objectives according to the company's operational goals and training needs
2. Include learning growth in personal performance appraisal indicators
Customer Privacy
Ethical Policy
Committed to respecting and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our customers
Improve the information security management system and establish the company standard. Through promotion and education training, we require employees to comply with them to avoid data leakage.
Sales Office
Document management of customer documents as internal ISO system
1.   Practitioners are required to sign a [business secret prevention] declaration and [confidentiality agreement].
2.   Company and client sign confidentiality agreement
Customer Health and Safety
Wafer Works' products are not directly or indirectly related to the health and safety of our customers; Wafer Works' ultimate goal is to provide high quality products for our customers to improve their health and safety.
Wafer Works' products are not directly or indirectly related to the health and safety of our customers; Wafer Works' ultimate goal is to provide high quality products for our customers to improve their health and safety.
Wafer Works' products are not directly or indirectly related to the health and safety of our customers; Wafer Works' ultimate goal is to provide high quality products for our customers to improve their health and safety.
Quality Assurance Division
Sales Office
Provide SDS
Regular testing of materials and finished products by a third party laboratory for future improvement
Socio-economic regulations follow
Human Resources Policy
Implement regulations to avoid illegal activities and protect the rights of employees
Establish a management system for regular monitoring; continuously train and educate employees to comply with regulations and implement them into the corporate culture.
Human Resources Division
We comply with the local labor laws and regularly perform the regulatory assessment. We are up-to-date and comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations
1.   Regulatory compliance
2.   Internal auditing
Talent Nurturing
1. standardization and implementation of professional certification
2. Electronic performance appraisal
3. Performance appraisal system optimization
Provide a complete talent development program to enhance employee motivation
Semiconductor talent development and employee skill enhancement
Human Resources Division
Employee career development planning through professional and technical education and training and annual performance appraisal
At the end of each year, employees set their personal learning plans and development goals by matching the department's development goals for the coming year.
Employee Benefits and Salaries
Human Resources Policy
Protect the rights and interests of employees
Continuously offer quality compensation and benefits to attract and retain talent
Human Resources Division
Considering the salary level of the industry and examining the compensation and benefits, we provide a perfect welfare system
Internal Auditing
Talent Recruitment and Retention
Human Resources Policy
Recruiting the right people to join Wafer Works to bring their strengths into play
Apply multiple recruitment channels to attract more fresh talent to join
Human Resources Division
1.   Employment Expo
2. R&D Alternative Service
3. RAISE plan
4. Youth Peaceful Wages Program in Taoyuan City
5.   Implementation of promotion, training, rotation system, incentive system (employee bonus, bonus) for manpower restructuring
New entry rate
Separation rate
Chemical Use
Environmental Safety and Health Policy
Reduce the use of harmful chemicals to reduce the impact on human body and the environment
Reduce at source, recycle and reuse
Office of Work Safety
Through ISO45001 management system 
ISO14001management system
Comply with the water use plan commitment to enhance the economic efficiency of water use
Average annual water savings of 1% over the next five years
Increase water recovery, effective use of water resources
Plant Affairs Division
1. Daily meter reading to record water consumption and monitor water rationalization
2. RO, 15DI, 18DI monitoring for each floor consumption
3. Ultrasonic flow rate quarter to guest process equipment water comparison
Historical unit consumption statistics to establish the base water consumption
Water Management
Development to reduce environmental impact and resource consumption,  pursue environmental sustainability
Average annual water savings of 1% over the next five years
1. Increase the recovery of water, effective use of water resources
2. Formation of water reduction
Plant Affairs Division
Daily metered water consumption and monitoring of water rationality
Monthly water balance chart of Longtan production is completed and returned to the competent authorities
In line with the national energy policy, we take into account the goals of corporate development and sustainable energy development
Average annual electricity savings of 1% over the next five years
Cooperate with government policies to achieve an average annual power saving of 1%.
Plant Affairs Division
1. Daily metered water consumption and monitoring of water rationality
2.   Management of the action plan according to ISO 5001 energy standard
1. Historical unit consumption statistics to establish the base power consumption
2. Comparison of data before and after energy saving
Waste water and waste
1.   Environmental Safety and Health Policy
2.   Comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the competent authorities at all levels in the place of production and the operational standards set by the company
1.   Reduces environmental impact
2.   100% of the water released meets the regulatory release criteria
1. Strengthen the source of waste reduction, waste recycling and reuse
2. 100% of the water released complies with the regulatory release standards, and there are no penalties.
Office of Work Safety
Plant Affairs Division
1. We manage our business through the ISO14001 management system.
2. Licensed and dedicated personnel to maintain operations
3. SCADA full time measurement ensures 100% compliance with regulations
1. ISO14001 management system.
2. The company's environmental safety unit regularly spot checks sewage discharge values
3. LongTan Factory cooperates with the Science and Technology Bureau twice a month to take water with the synchronization of external inspection (third-party impartial units)
Greenhouse Gas Management
Environmental Safety and Health Policy
Reduced environmental impact
Actively promote energy saving and carbon reduction wrong measures
Office of Work Safety
Annual ISO 14064 inventory
ISO14064 inventory
Air Pollution Management
1. Comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the competent authorities at all levels in the place of production and the operational standards set by the company
2. Establishing management systems and continuous improvement in pursuit of environmental sustainability
100% compliance with regulatory emission standards
100% compliance with regulatory emission standards, zero penalties
Plant Affairs Division
1. Licensed and dedicated personnel to maintain operations
2. SCADA full time measurement ensures 100% compliance with regulations
1. Periodically review the contents of the stationary source operating permit
2. Once a year outsourced testing

Communication Channels

While pursuing sustainable development, Wafer Works takes care of its employees, ensures the interests of investors, and values the opinions and suggestions of all stakeholders, and establishes interactions with key stakeholders through diversified communication methods, and consider positive advice on operations, finance, corporate governance from stakeholders. Through substantive analysis to understand the issues of interest to stakeholders, and fully understand the ideas and needs of stakeholders, in addition to providing the basis for the decision presented in this report, it is also an important reference for the company to formulate strategies and goals for the implementation of sustainable development planning and decision-making in promoting social responsibility.
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