Sustainable Operation
Business Philosophy
In 1986, President Mr. Chiao Ping Hai established Helitek Corporation in USA and started up business of silicon wafer which was the predecessor of Wafer Works Corporation. Also it laid the foundations of silicon wafer development for Wafer Works Corporation. In 1997, Wafer Works Corporation officially founded in Taiwan and has developed steadily for 20 years till now. The company has become the top 6th supplier of semicon materials in the world. In the mean time, it is the leading manufacturer of heavily doped low-impedance products.
All the way through, Wafer Works Corporation always adheres to the invariant idea of "Customer Oriented" and regards customers as the foundation of enterprise and important partners of sustainable development. Besides constant advancement of technologies and development of high-quality silicon wafers, Wafer Works Corporation stands in the view of customers to provide best solutions to conform to market trends and customer demands so as to become a reliable supplier of semicon materials.
Wafer Works Corporation is convinced that success only lies in building mutual-trust and cooperative partnership between customers and suppliers, comprehensive understanding of customer demands, closely working with suppliers, and jointly development of innovative products and services beyond customer expectations. Externally, Wafer Works Corporation is compliant with customers and loyal to the commitments to customers. The company is run based on the philosophy of integrity, co-creation, and sharing to achieve triple-win situation with company, customers, and suppliers. Internally, Wafer Works Corporation regards staff as core of company. Outstanding talents are recruited and kept by core values of the enterprise. Friendly working environment is provided. Outcomes have been shared with staff. Wafer Works Corporation regards sustainable development as the highest principle and strides towards the goal of "A customer-oriented supplier of semicon materials". Meanwhile, we hope to work with customers, suppliers, and staff to give the promotion in economy, the balance between the society and environmental ecology and sustainable development.
Managerial Status

World Class Supplier of Semiconductor Silicon Wafer

After 20 years of hard work, Wafer Works has become the 6th largest semiconductor silicon wafer supplier in the world. With 4 advanced semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturing plants, Wafer Works has a total plant area of over 120 thousand square meters and over 1,500 employees around the world. In 2007, Wafer Works was nominated as one of the Forbes “Best Under a Billion” enterprises in Asia. The company adheres to strict administration on operation and marketing. Regarding supplying and usage of products and services, there is neither vast penalty charges caused by breaking of laws and regulations nor any lawsuits with respect to acts of anti-competition, anti-trust, and monopolistic conducts.
Company Name
    Wafer Works Corp.
Establishment Date
    July 1997
IPO Date
    May 2005
    Pat Chiao
Number of Employees
Paid-in Capital
    NT$ 4,716,153,610
    Silicon Rods, Polished Silicon Wafers, Epitaxial Wafers
    ISO 9001:2008、TS 16949:2009,
    OHSAS 18001:2007、ISO 14001:2004
    No. 100, Longyuan 1st Rd., Longtan Science Park, Taoyuan, 32542

Global Distribution

Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corporation (WWXS)
Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corporation mainly provide 4 to 6 inch silicon wafers globally in the world and domestically in China and currently is one of the largest professional polished silicon wafer manufacturing factory in China.
Wafer Works Epitaxial Corporation (WWXE)
Established in 2005, Wafer Works Epitaxial Corporation has its major sales in 6 to 8-inch epitaxial silicon wafers, buried layer epitaxial manufacturing and heavily-doped polished wafers of 4, 5, 6 and 8-inch.
Wafer Works (YangZhou) Corporation
Mainly provides to the market who need 4-6 inches Silicon wafer and ingot in China and all over the world.
Helitek Company Ltd.
The establishment of Helitek is to obtain a more competitive cost of production and to provide better technical support for customers as well as set up perfect warehousing service and shorten the product delivery time, in order to significantly reduce customers' costs. Helitek is an important marketing stronghold in the group that serves clients in America and expands the market of America and Canada.
Japan: Tokyo Hyogo
South Korea: Gyeonggi-Do (경 기 도)
Europe: Netherlands, Belgium
Wafer Works Corporation has never been forbidden to sell any questioned or controversial products by interested parties in specific markets, nor has the company violated any laws concerning marketing propaganda (including commercials, promotions, and sponsors) and involved with voluntary principle incidents.

Operational Risk Management

Wafer Works Corp. takes sustainable management as our final goal in corporate operation. The complete risk management and the proper crisis management are the ways how to ensure the sustainable management to reduce the impact and influences caused by all kinds of potential operation risk and disasters(, like fire, earthquake, etc.) and protect the right of the stakeholders. For past few years, the company have reinforced mechanism of corporate risks management. Starting from risks control and identification of hazards, we strive to take immediate countermeasures in front of any hazards and eliminate the impact of unexpected disasters to minimum level. In order to consolidate the ideal of ricks management by the entire staff,  the company didn't set up chief rick officer so as to prevent any oversight or partiality caused by solo control.
Currently, risk management is classified into 3 levels (mechanisms):
“First Mechanism” will involve initial risk identification, evaluation, management and proposing of suggestions by responsible departments or supervisors.
“Second Mechanism” will be the holding of regular management meetings for feasibility assessment and a variety of risk assessments.
“Third Mechanism” is the review of legal and audit departments and review by directors and supervisors.
Sustainability Strategy

Ethical Management

"Establishment with Honesty" is the top business philosophy of WAFER WORKS and has been written in the company portfolio to stress the purpose of business with integrity. In order to practice the spirit of ethical management, we had enacted "Ethical corporate management principles", "Procedures for ethical management and guidelines for conduct" and "Handling procedure for insider transaction prevention" and were approved by board of directors to regulate the behavior of board members and company staff. In addition, the "EICC Measures for Professional Ethics Management " had been made and announced, to show our purpose and resolution in  good faith management and simultaneously all integrity related regulations are included into the scope of performance appraisal.
The contents of "EICC Measures for Professional Ethics Management" are stated as follow:
  1. Principle of Integrity.
  2. Respect individuals and customers.
  3. Avoid conflicts of interest.
  4. Gifts and business entertainment.
  5. Facilitating Payment (not allowed).
  6. Complete, proper, accurate, timely and understandable information disclosure.
  7. Report, protection and exemption.
  8. Corporate social responsibility.

Operational Organization

WAFER WORKS is an OTC company with BoD as the highest management unit. Every director has a minimum of 30 years experience in business, legal affair, finance, accounting or other work experience required by the company's business with fields covering semiconductor, optoelectronics, venture capital investment and other industries. They have rich knowledge and experience, personal insight and business sense and offer many recommendations toward business strategy and direction of development of the company.
The functions and duties of BoD are listed as follows:
  1. Supervision: Supervise the law compliance, transparent financial status, instant key information revealing, no internal corruption. To fully realize the duty of supervision, the Salary and Payment Committee and internal audit units are established under the BoD.
  2. Guide the management team: at least a regular meeting is held quarterly for BoD to review the achievements of the management team and criticize and examine the company strategies proposed by management level.
  3. Assess the performance of the management team and appoint or discharge managers.
The function and duty of the Salary and Payment Commitee are listed as follows:
  1. Define and regularly review the policy, regulations, standards and structure of directors, supervisors and managers' yearly and long-term performance goals as well as salary and payment.
  2. Regularly assess and define the salary and payment of directors, supervisors and managers.
WAFER WORKS hold the sprit of law compliance as the guide for sustainable business. In order to guarantee the compliance of laws for business and activities, we not only defined the control points of laws relevant to the business and activity executed by all units and undertakers, but established the legal affair and audit units to regularly review relevant laws and audit current regulations for correction and improvement. We also assign employees to attend internal or external law-related training courses to understand the latest laws and assure the implementation of relevant laws. WAFER WORKS has no significant penalty fined by the competent authority due to violation of laws and regulations in 2017.
Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion Committee
In order to proactively implement corporate social responsibility, WAFER WORKS established the corporate social responsibility promotion committee with the general manager as chairman and representatives from each unit as committee members, meetings are held regularly every year, formulate and periodically review corporate social responsibility policies and corporate social responsibility implementation planning and effectiveness. The executive secretary (Adm. Div.) is responsible for coordinating the implementation of four aspects of company management, supply chain management, environment protection and energy saving and employee welfare and social care, in participating public benefit activities, protecting environment and supporting talent cultivation by actual action expands influence, and actively devote ourselves on the road of fulfilling corporate social responsibility. We have held three meeting from 2016 to 2017 with 93% of average rate of attendance of its members.

Financial Performance

According to the latest statistics information of SEMI, the global prosperity is revival from bottom since the second half year of 2016. The trends extended to 2017. It brings along the revival of global economic prosperity due to the situations of international oil price rebound, European economic growth, China's reform of the supply side having gone well and the Japanese economy has been out of contraction and marches towards revival. For that matter, the prosperity of Semi-conductors industry is revival as well. Compare to the slow trend from 2015 to 2016. The Semi-conductors in 2017 has been out of traditional 3C and the application of PC. The diversified application gives Semi-conductors a great leap forwards to new market. The R&D institutes in the Semi-conductors industry all increase their production value of global Semi-conductors in 2017 and will be over 40 billion with 20% of annual growth rate, which is beyond that of 4% to 5% in the past and is the strongest growing year in the past of 7 years. The consolidated revenue of Wafer Works Corp. in 2017 is 637.7 million and increase 8.1% compared to last year, which fully reflected the trend of market growth.
Gartner indicates that the production value of global Semi-conductors Industry has grown 20% in 2017. In addition, according to the research of IEK ((2017/11), the annual growth rate of Global Semi-conductors market in 2018 and 2019 reported IC Insights maintain 8.2%及6.3% respectively. To sum up, all the survey institutes estimate that the Semi-conductors market will remain positive growth in stable way.
The headquarter and subsidiary companies are devoted to the silicon wafer market for power semiconductor device and IC making. The demand of high-density epitaxial and silicon wafers in the market have obvious grown in 2017, to respond the expectation of future market in the continuous robust growth of the need in Internet of Things, automotive electronics, smart home and big data cloud, etc. Other than optimizing the capacity of 6-inch wafer making factory, we continue to give the improvement of existing wafer and the capacity and yield of the epitaxy. The new 8-inch wafer factories in Zhengzhou, Henan are complete successively, it will be greatly increased our market share and the competitiveness of international market.
The scale of organization in 2017 has not much change but the capacity of the branches in Yang Mei and Long Tan reach the maximization of yield by moving the equipment and improving the efficiency. The capacities of two factories until the end of year are about 300,000 of 6 inch Eqvs in Yang Mei and 200,000 of 8 inch Eqvs. in Long Tan.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Becoming a world class semiconductor material supplier based on customer is the faith of WAFER WORKS which has never changed. The challenges that we are facing in the 21st century, but "Sustainable Development" is a common topic that all enterprises encounter. However, one of the necessary condition to achieve the goal of sustainable development is to sincerely implement the Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, which means "The enterprise's commitment of building a high quality life together with employees, families, communities and local society for the sustainable developmeent of the enterprise."
  1. Corporate governing shall be consolidated to protect the interests of interested parties.
  2. Supply chain management shall be consolidated to stride forward and become win-win, strategic partners.
  3. Environment protection and energy saving shall carry on to create safe and comfortable environment.
  4. Care for staff and attention to society shall carry on and perform duty as social citizen.
Sustainable development of enterprise shall proceed in three dimensions of economy, environment, and society with mutual influence on each other. Wafer Works Corporate makes every effort to ensure the sustainable growth and development by long-term strategic planning. Aside from the constant improvement and creating the maximum benefit to the employees, the customers and shareholders, we actively pay attention to environmental protection, human rights maintenance, supplier management, the community interaction and social activities and the valued international issues and expect to carry out the corporate social responsibility with the branches, the suppliers, the customers and all the stakeholders related to our other operation and encourage the virtuous cycle and sustainable development among the corporate, society and environment ecology.
To actively carry out the corporate social responsibility, Wafer Works Corporate establishes the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. In the committee, we carry out the following events to life, including social activity participation, the eco-friendly and talent training, to improve the concern and participation of employees in social activity and create the good atmosphere in the company. Moreover, we take action on letting more outside groups know more about Wafer Works Corporate to expand our influence circle to those who need help and do our best to implement social responsibility to make contributions to the society.    
WAFER WORKS takes employees as important assets of value and cultivate talents with competence development.
To ensure human rights, labor rights, and promote employee's balance between work, family, health and life. Through the care of employees to cultivate semiconductor talents .
Implement employee's social participation and improve labor quality, and to fulfill corporate social responsibility.
Social Group
To hold public welfare activities, join the cleaning of community environment, participate in community activities and alternative military service of research and development to give back to society, care neighborhood and cultivate talents with actual actions.
The company has dedicated itself in donating/assisting charity organizations and sponsoring community activities/assistances for the purposes of charitable giving and assistance to the weak. By joining environmental cleaning of community, show our love for environment and make it better. The company conducts cultivation of career path for those who are at alternative civilian services of R&D, and pays regular visits for academic purposes.
Keep giving back to society. Expect to bring employee to actively join the group of society benefiting through constant actions of giving back.
Regular training and advocacy enable employees to fully understand the company's corporate social responsibility policy, the corporate social responsibility committee structure, the corporate social responsibility webpage area, the stakeholder webpage area, the planning and effectiveness of corporate social responsibility implementation, and other related regulations.In addition to corporate social responsibility education training in newcomer education and training, in 2017, a total of 3 corporate social responsibility related trainings were held, totaling 927 participants.
Interested Parties

Key Issues

The interested parties are identified via the discussion of business management level according to company's business philosophy and business process of each department, which include employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, contractors, community residents, social groups, government organizations, media, and other units such as certification companies, verification companies and academic organizations. We review our interested parties regularly every year and no big change is made.
For the generation of key issues, they are processed under the sequence of identification, ranking, confirmation, review and examination. An enterprise shall comprehensively assess its development strategies and potential operation risks and their impact level on the enterprise's sustainable development, so as to come out substantial issues and the weighting of content of each issue.
With regards to internal and external interested parties and the issues concerned by them, we collected the issues concerned by the interested parties as well as its level of concern using the questionnaire survey method targeting employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, contractors and all types of interested parties (distributed 175 questionnaires and recycled 166; the response ratio is 96.6%; valid questionaire 177; invalid questionnaires 0) and internal high level managers (distributed 22 questionnaires and recycled 22; the response ratio is 100%) in order to understand the impact of each issue on company's operation.
Via a substantial analysis 16 issues of concern were identified and assessed their internal and external impact on the organization. After the importance judgment made by social responsibility promotion committee, as our products are not final products, 15 were decided to be major key issues in 2017 and were revealed their management principles and related indexes. There is no significant change from the 2016 report neither on the scope nor the aspects, and there is no impact on the information revision.

Communication Channels

WAFER WORKS value opinions and recommendations from all interested parties, which are summarized and collected through diversified communication methods to interact with interested parties and were made as the basis of revealing of this report through the substantial analysis to understand the issues concerned by interested parties, who were also feedbacked along with the revealing of this report.
The communication methods and frequency between WAFER WORKS and the interested parties are listed below. The company website is also equipped with the interested party zone for interested persons to contact us.
Contract information for interested parties
Website of the interested party zone:csr?c=164
CSR e-mail:
Report e-mail:
Interest Party
Communication Methods and Frequency
Key Concerned Issues
Annual customer satisfaction survey; quarterly or semi-annually business review meeting with customer (including service, delivery time, quality, continuous improvement plan and other related issues); implementation of customer audit and response to customer's requirement in questionnaire.
Customer Privacy
Anti-competitive Behavior
  1. Constructed mandarin and English websites to instantly update company's business status.
  2. Regularly publish monthly business income, decisions of BoD and various financial reports.
  3. Follow related regulations to publish important information in Market Observation Post System.
  4. Hold annual board of shareholders to announce the company business status.
  5. Hold legal person forums, press conferences or issue press releases irregularly.
  6. Establish the spokesman system to respond investors' questions by telephone or emails.
  7. Collect issues concerned by investors through questionnaires every year.
  8. Communication Channels:
  1. Spokesman:RueiYuan Mao;Deputy Spokesman:MingChe Hsu;Ext.:#8898.
  2. Investor's
Economic Performance
Labor/Management Relations
  1. Labor-Management Conference: Regularly hold quarterly labor-management conferences with representatives from the labor side and management side to discuss and negotiate the adjustment of overall company laboring conditions as well as regulations announcement, mutual benefit of both parties and other related issues.
  2. President Forum: the purpose is to enable employees to sufficiently reflect recommendations related to work environment, operation execution and policies and regulations and to realize corporate culture concept, operating status, management decision-making, welfare, rules and regulations and other information. Employees are encouraged to raise ideas or questions in the meeting for discussion in order to build the open management corporate culture. This forum is hold irregularly along with the completion of summarization and analysis of annual employee opinion survey.
  3. Chairman Mailbox: offer a channel for all employees to directly reflect company-relaed issues to the highest management at any time, however, providing real names is mandatory for acceptance.
  4. Questionnaires.
  5. Communication and appeal mechanism:
        A.  Appeal of sexual harassment prevention:
        B.  HR exclusive e-mail:
        C.  WAFER WORKS Employee Web Portal: HR Div. contact e-mail
        D.  HR extension number: # 8200, # 8211, # 8219, # 8218
Occupational Health and Safety
Economic Performance
Training and Education
Supplier/ Contractor
Irregular education, training, communication meeting and questionnaires  (Provide supplier audit or survey regularly and contractor educational training irregularly).
Occupational Health and Safety
Labor/Management Relations
Effluents and Waste
Community Residents
Support community residents' activities or questionnaire survey irregularly.
Effluents and Waste
Government Organization
Irregular workshops participation, project cooperation or questionnaire survey.
Effluents and Waste
Environmental Compliance
Social Group
Support activities or questionnaire survey irregularly.
Labor/Management Relations
Occupational Health and Safety
  1. Hold legal person forums, press conferences and issue press releases irregularly.
  2. Establish the spokesman system to respond investors' questions by telephone or emails.
  3. Collect the issues concerned by media through questionnaire survey every year.
Customer Privacy
Economic Performance
(certification companies, verification companies, academic organizations and other cooperative partners)
Implement verifications (audit) operation regularly every year; irregularly attend workshops or communicate via questionnaire survey.
Labor/Management Relations
      Effluents and Waste