Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
                    Wafer Works Corp.
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Becoming a customer-oriented world-class semiconductor material supplier is the faith that WAFER WORKS has never changed. In the 21st century, WAFER WORKS faces challenges, in addition to customer-oriented continuous improvement of technology, "Sustainable development", a common issue faced by all enterprises. One of the necessary conditions for achieving sustainable development goals is to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, that is, "the company's commitment to achieve economically sustainable development and create a high-quality life together with employees, families and society."
WAFER WORKS's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is as follows:
  1. Implement corporate governance, enhance information transparency, adhere to the rule of law and attach importance to ethics, and protect the rights and interests of stakeholders.
  2. Implementation of supply chain management, prohibit the employment of child labor, forced labor and conflict minerals, towards a win-win strategic partnership.
  3. Continually perform environmental protection and energy conservation, comply with environmental regulations, work safety regulations and energy policies in order to create a safe and comfortable environment
  4. Continually perform employee care and social concern, uphold respect for colleagues, share love and contribute to society, and fulfill responsibility of social citizens.