Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
                   Wafer Works Corp.
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Becoming a world class semiconductor material supplier based on customer is the faith of WAFER WORKS which has never changed. The challenges that we are facing in the 21st century, but "Sustainable Development" is a common topic that all enterprises encounter. However, one of the necessary condition to achieve the goal of sustainable development is to sincerely implement the Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, which means "The enterprise's commitment of building a high quality life together with employees, families, communities and local society for the sustainable developmeent of the enterprise."
1. Corporate governing shall be consolidated to protect the interests of interested parties.
2. Supply chain management shall be consolidated to stride forward and become win-win, strategic partners.
3. Environment protection and energy saving shall carry on to create safe and comfortable environment.
4. Care for staff and attention to society shall carry on and perform duty as social citizen.