Wafer Works' Story
With more than  20 years of hard work, Wafer Works has become the sixth largest silicon wafer manufacturer in the semiconductor industry. We now have six advanced silicon wafer factories, more than 120,000 square meters of floor space, and employ nearly 2,000 people worldwide. We were even named as one of the "Best Under a Billion" enterprises in Asia by "Forbes Asia" in 2007. Our achievements all stem from our commitment to perseverance, integrity and partnership.

Perseverance and Foresight

In 1986, Pat Chiao, one of the founders of Wafer Works, predicted the tremendous market opportunities that lie in the future of the industry. He established the Helitek Company in the US to sell silicon wafers in the US marketplace.

In 1997, Chiao founded Wafer Works in Taiwan with limited capital and acquired Helitek US in the same year. We call this period our "Humble Beginning". Under Chiao's leadership, Wafer Works continued to seek out and take advantage of new opportunities. After a year of integration and adjustments, Wafer Works met our customer's various requirements and secured our first customer:  Rohm. The spirit of perseverance, keen foresight, and team work towards a common goal has since become the formula for success at Wafer Works. Wafer Works was not well known in the early years. To make our way on to the world stage, Wafer Works strove to improve quality, develop technologies, expand capacity and actively reach out international customers.

In those early years, Wafer Works gradually built up our advantages and established our business one step at a time through careful investments. In the future, Wafer Works will continue to follow this philosophy to ensure sound governance and continued growth.


Integrity and Partnership

The Forbes Asia magazine named Wafer Works as one of the "Best Under a Billion" enterprises in Asia in 2007 and showed that we have become one of the leaders of the silicon wafer market.
Although Wafer Works is now a world-class wafer supplier, we continue to consider our customers to be our most important partners. Chairman Chiao always remembers the first customer after Wafer Works was founded; he always reminds himself: "Without you, I would not have achieved what I have today." Everyone in Wafer Works shares the same attitude. We have nothing but respect and gratitude towards the customers who support Wafer Works. As Chairman Chiao often says, "We should always remember our roots."

Research, Development and Putting Customers First

A customer-centered philiosophy and gratitude underpin Wafer Works' commitment to continue providing customers with a reliable supply of high quality silicon wafers. In addition to 4" to 8" polished wafers, we also supply the same sized n-type and p-type epi wafers. What sets Wafer Works apart from our competitors is our willingness to carry out joint research on important customer projects in order to deliver the most competitive silicon substrate and epi wafers. Wafer Works also actively invests in the development of new technologies. We are not only a leader in the epitaxy market but also continue to enhance our international competitiveness by meeting or exceeding customer requirements for power discrete and analog devices.

Corporate Vision: To become the customer-centered solution provider of Semiconductor materials

As one of the top three providers of heavily doped, low-resistivity silicon wafer products, Wafer Works will continue to hold our own in the world-class competition. Wafer Works believes in keeping our roots in mind. Under Chairman Chiao's leadership, our vision "To Become the Customer-Centered Solution Provider of Semiconductor Materials" is the driving force behind Wafer Works’ success and shows our customers that we will always provide solutions that meet or exceed their current and future needs.

Corporate Commitment: Wafer Works Values

Through brand values, Chairman Chiao emphasizes Wafer Works' commitment to our partners, customers and employees:
  1. Founded on Integrity:  We will always remember the people that we have worked with and make our achievements possible. This includes both customers and employees.
  2. Partnership and Teamwork:  We have a commitment to work together within Wafer Works or with external customers to deliver the best solutions.
  3. Customer Oriented Execution:  Every action we perform puts the customer first. This includes both internal and external customers.
  4. Committed to Quality Improvement:  We always strive to deliver the best quality in our products and services.
  5. To Create and To Share:  We will continue to create profits and share our successes with our entire work force and feed back to the community..
By embracing our vision and corporate values, Wafer Works will continue to strengthen our leadership in the semiconductor industry.