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Wafer Works offers a broad range of wafer solutions for customers through vertically integrated product-lines of single crystal ingot, polished and Epi wafers. Wafer Works is a world-class electronic materials supplier and specializing in manufacturing varietally doped silicon wafers, which are widely used in semiconductor devices for power and digital applications. 

Industry Leader in Creating and Developing Research Concepts

Wafer Works is committed to staying one-step ahead of the curve, creating innovative wafer solutions for global customers. Wafer Works Corporation was the first company in Taiwan to successfully manufacture a highly doped 8-inch monocrystalline ingot through silicon crystal growth. As an innovative industry leader in manufacturing and development we are always striving to meet future technology trends.

Adapting to the Rapidly Growing Market of Energy-Saving Products

Wafer Works is committed to being the world leader in green manufacturing. We have incorporated environmental safety conduct into every step of our manufacturing process. While we are proud of our energy reduction achievements, we will accomplish more. In the fast-pace high-tech, dynamic global market, where environmental issues are becoming a greater concern; the demand for low energy consumption consumer electronic devices and alternative energy industries continue to grow. To address the market demands for smaller and energy effective electronics and to protect and preserve the environment, Wafer Works has been investing heavily in alternative energy-saving industries, such as PV and LED technologies.

Excellent Customer Service

To better reach and serve global clients, Wafer Works has set up over ten sales representatives around the world and five advanced manufacturing facilities across Taiwan and China. Wafer Works vows to keep its world-class technologies on the cutting-edge and focuses on developing new products to meet or esceed customer’s existing and future needs. We intend to develop successful win-win relationships with all customers, and measure our success, based on their success.

 2017 Wafer Works (Zhengzhou) Corp. ground breaking in July.
  8-inch lightly doped wafer phase in mass production
  Launched 6-inch and 8-inch SOI wafer 
 2016 Successfully grew a 12-inch highly doped aresnic ingot with ultra-low resistance.
  6-inch and 8-inch double-side polished wafer phase in mass production.
  Launched "Near Perfect Silicon" 
  Completed a strategic agreement with Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone to establish Wafer Works (Zhengzhou) Corp.
 2015 Wafer Works (YangZhou) Corp. was 100% owned by Wafer Works (SH) Corp. 
 2013 Rewarded as model of excellence of "Environmental Health and Safety" from Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau of the MOEA.
Wafer Works was certified for PAS2050 and ISO14067.
Corporate headquarters moved to Longtan Fab.
Wafer Works Yangmei Fab Phase 1.5 expansion in April, the 200mm monthly output was 60Kpcs.
Wafer Works Longtan Fab Ground Breaking in April
Wafer Works' consolidated revenue reached a milestone of NT$10 billion.
Accredited as being part of "Asia's 200 Best Under A Billion" by the internationally renowned, Forbes Magazine.
Established Wafer Works Epitaxial Corp. for manufacturing Epitaxial wafers.
Winner of the New Leading Product Award on highly doped arsenic “Low-resistance Silicon Substrate”from Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau of the MOEA.
Successfully grew 8-inch highly doped aresnic and highly doped phosphorus ingots.
Became 75% shareholder of Jinghwa, which was renamed to Wafer Works (Shanghai) Corp.
Received the government research reward for the project entitled “SOI Wafers for MEMS and Smart Power Semiconductor Devices”.
Wafer Works Corporation approved by Taiwan Gri Tai Securities Exchange (OTC) to IPO.
Received recognition from M.O.E.A. for High Tech Business.
Successfully grew 6-inch highly doped antimony ingots.
Helitek received the 1999 Environment Achievement Award from Alameda County, CA.
Grand Opening Ceremony of Yang Mei Fab.
Established operation and headquarters in Yang Mei, Taiwan.
Received recognition from M.O.E.A. for High Tech Business.
Merged with Helitek Company Ltd.


To become the customer-centered solution provider of Semiconductor materials.


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  • Committed to Quality Improvement
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